Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We're Going to Miss Those Paws!


Whenever we have orange kittens, they always get snatched up fast. In fact, it's not uncommon for us to have folks on the "wait list" for orange kittens.  They are always big loves, so I understand why they are always so popular. It seems that nearly everyone's favorite cat from their childhood was a big orange tabby -- I hear this all the time!

Lisa had been thinking about adding an orange kitten to her family for a long time, so when Russell made his appearance on the blog, she emailed me right away to express her interest.

I know Lisa through her daughter, Hanah,  who is a volunteer at the shelter.  They're good animal people, so I was happy to hear she was wanting to meet this boy.

Once the kittens were out of quarantine, we had Lisa and her husband, Mark, over for a meet-and-greet. Russell had just settled in for a nap when they visited  and made very little effort to impress these folks.  That was fine, he's pretty impressive without having to try to very hard -- all that orangey cuteness, those thumbs, and a motor that doesn't stop -- it's pretty dreamy.

They took turns holding the napping lad. They were in love, and that was that.

Like I said before, they're good animal people, so naturally their house if full of sweet creatures. Russell now has two brother cats and a gentle dog brother, too!

They've been taking introductions slow and easing him in gently to make sure everyone is fine with this big change. So far, it sounds like it's going well.  There was a little hissing at first - that's to be expected - but now all the cats playing together and the tension is decreasing.  They all love their laser toy and have been bonding over that.

Stanley, the dog, has been the biggest adjustment for Russell, but he seems to be taking that all in stride. It sounds like he's just trying to figure out exactly what that big, friendly creature is.  I'm sure once he does, they'll be buddies -- Stanely gets along great with the cats, and even plays with them.  

We're very happy for Russell. He's got a great family who loves him a lot and  lots of friends to keep him busy!

We're going to miss that boy and those adorable paws, but knowing he's in such a great home, makes it all bearable!









  1. He's such a sweetie! I so glad for everyone! <3

  2. Russell is going to have a fabulous and adventurous life with his family. That is a huge win for all!

  3. I admit that I have a giant soft spot for orange boys. I fell hard for little Spud! I wish him and his new family much happiness in the years ahead.

  4. This Spud is going be truly missed, big mitts and all. Glad to know Russell has a new posse to hang out with. Can not wait to see pictures of all of them together. And to see what he looks like all grown up. Purrs to to Russell!

  5. My stray kitty had a long adjustment period with her brothers (and they still torment her too often for my liking) but now that they're chill with each other, it is the greatest thing in the world to see them snuggling and grooming her. Spud's gonna have a good, snuggly life.

  6. Those lips, those eyes.......those thumbs. Farewell little guy.

  7. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie, and Acacia)August 30, 2016 at 12:34 PM

    So glad he's going to have all those big brothers to grow up with and be loved by. :-)
    I have a major soft spot for orange boys. Of all the many cats we've had or I've pet-sat for, the orange tabby boys have always been the biggest lovebugs...by far! Something in their DNA I guess!

  8. I hope we get to hear what trouble he gets into with those opposable thumbs!

  9. Have a wonderful life in your furrever home, Spuds. I have known some very sweet orange tabby boys, although my biggest soft spot is for brown tabbies like my LG.



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