Monday, August 29, 2016

Bye-Bye Dinah!


Less than a year ago, Linnea and Patrick adopted a tiny little kitten named Oscar, a handsome black cat with a big, floofy tail.  He's a spunky and active little guy who likes to follow them around their apartment and instigate play.  They decided they he could use a kitty companion, so they emailed me to find out if we had any kittens that might be well-suited for Oscar.

Dinah's personality seemed like the perfect match for this scenario. She too is a lively one.  She loves playing fetch and other games just like he does.  She's bright and could challenge him in a good way. It seemed logical choice for this family, so they decided to adopt our dear Dinah!

Linnea shared a little video clip of Oscar and Dinah's first day interacting and things are going great! In the video, Oscar was on the floor, belly up, wiggling his paws at her in a very non-threating way, and was asking her gently if she would like to play.

A little friend is exactly what he needed.

Thank you, Linnea and Patrick, for adopting our sweet girl! I'm so thrilled to know things are off to a great start!  I know she's going to bring so much joy to all of your lives -- especially Oscar's!

We wish you all the very best!









  1. I hope they post many updates! Have a long and happy life with your new brother, Dinah. Let us know if they change your name- though Oscar and Dinah does sound like a match to me!

  2. So happy for them and for her & Oscar!

  3. Sounds like life is working out perfectly for Dinah and Oscar! I do love these happy adoption tales... Maybe we can see Oscar and Dinah's introductory video some time?

  4. Sounds like both Oscar and Dinah are going to be good for them!
    And endless entertainment for their humans, too!

  5. Have a good life in your furrever home, pretty girl.

  6. Awww - Beautiful Dinah reminds me of my Lacey, and I love her 'heart eyebrows'! Be happy in your new home with your forever family, Dinah. You and your brother will bring much joy. Please update us about your adventures when you can!

  7. Congrats to Dinah for a new family and brother. Hope to see many pictures of what this little lady becomes as an adult.

  8. I know there are big privacy concerns but I'd love to see the video of Oscar trying to get Dinah to play. Let's hope he's gentle considering the size difference.

  9. Have a very happy life, sweet Dinah!!

  10. Thank you for all the adoption tales!



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