Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Delightful Miss D

Torties are one of the trickiest kittens to photograph. I focus manually with my camera,  and usually on the nose with most shots, so unless they have a strong, contrasting splotch, it's hard to focus sharply on a nose in the blended mix of a tortie's face.  

Our little Dinah is a squirmy one, which makes it that much more challenging!

But yesterday, after much trial, error and wasted, blurry photographs, I did actually get a few shots of the girl -- in focus.

So, for those of you asking for more Dinah, well, here you go!  









Her eyes have changed a lot in the past week --- they've turned from "kitten blue"  to a golden-green. And those little hearts about her eyes are starting to get a little more defined.

She's complex and funny mix of bossy and needy.  She's high-spirited and playful and can dominate the playground at times, but once she uses that last burst of kitten energy, she needs some cuddling, and snuggles up with a sibling or human and will purr herself to sleep.

She's a character and a delight.


  1. Oh, torties. My mom has had three in my lifetime, and each was different, and yet each had that "tortitude" they are famous for.

    I had a torbie for almost 16 years, and she, too, had that wonderful mix of bossy and sweet, hyper and mellow. She was a loud-talking, motor-boat-purring, fiercely loyal and affectionate girl, and I miss her all the time.

    Dinah is going to complete someone's home quite nicely. <3

  2. I'm SO partial to Torties. Ours is difficult to photograph also. She has a pretty well defined blaze which makes her look like she broker her nose at some point LOL. I use manual for best shots of her as well. Dinah looks like she exhibits all the best and silliest characteristic of this color type! Love her!

  3. There is nothing more exquisite than a tortie (I'm on my third and can't imagine life without one!)

  4. She's adorable. Her face is so expressive.

  5. She's a beauty! Some lucky family will have a wonderful companion!

  6. I'd adopt her no doubt... Shes a cutie!

  7. She totally reminds me visually of my tortie Kate when she was a kitten. I saw one picture and thought - that one's going to be trouble, then mailed the foster team to start proceedings. I was not wrong. And boy - a total mix of bossy and needy.

  8. What an adorable tortie kitten! If only we weren't an entire country apart, I would be filling out an adoption application right now. Perhaps Ms. Dinah is delivering me a message that it is time to find a tortie playmate for my dilute tortie 6 year old kitten :-) Love those torties!

  9. Great work, Laurie! Our Maren is a torbie, so I know a little bit of what it’s like to photograph these darling girls. And Dinah is definitely a dolly!!



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