Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Good Golly, Mr Poly(dactyl)

While Russell was out cold,  I got out the macro lens so I could take some close-up photos and show you his complicated little paw pads.

Though technically he has just two extra toes -- one tucked deep between his "thumb" and "index finger" on each front foot, he has few extra little pads on his paws.

Here's his right paw.



And his left.


Aren't they just spectacular ?

His mitts have always been big, but it does seem that as he's grown, they've grown at a quicker pace.  His paws are starting to look like lobster claws!   Check out this video of the boy.  

And while were on the subject of poly-paws, here are the paws of another polydactyl kitten we fostered, Nadine Pickett.


And here are some pretty remarkable feet from a couple of Sue's former foster kittens from years ago, The Treadwells.


Yowza!  That's a lot of paw pads and extra parts!


  1. So for what we're missing on a nose, we're making up for on the toes!

  2. Does this hurt them? Does it put extra strain on the bones of their feet or anything? I'm trying to imagine if my thumb and first finger were stretched farther apart all the time.

    But then again if they run around like they don't notice, they probably don't. :)

    1. I don't believe, nor does the vet that in his case it is causing him any trouble.

    2. Nope, I had a polydactyl kitty once.
      She loved it if I touched the bottom of her front paws. When I did she would curl all of her toes around my finger - like we were holding hands.

      When she was really young she LOVED to toss and chase those super balls!

  3. I do so love kitten paw pads! And The Spud has some amazing ones. Thanks for the close up. Any chance you can do the same for Tegan?

  4. Golly, those are indeed some lobster claws!

  5. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie, and Acacia)August 3, 2016 at 11:30 AM

    I find this polydactyl stuff so interesting!
    Do Russell and Tegan also have extra toes on their back feet?
    And how many toes in total does each cat have?

    1. No extra toes on the back feet, just one extra toe on each front foot for each.

  6. I've met cats with an extra thumb-like digit that did help them grip things. Once they get full fledged opposable thumbs, humanity is doomed.

  7. This would be a good opportunity to educate people about how important it is to keep a polydactyl's nails trimmed...especially those "extra" nails. Never having had a poly myself, I didn't know. But when I started trapping ferals for spay/neuter I saw how common it is for these extra nails to become embedded into paw pads and infected because they don't get worn down like the other nails. So grateful for our clinics that fix up kitty paws while they are under for the spay/neuter.

    1. Excellent point, Hope! I had a poly gal, she passed just before her 16th birthday, and her dewclaw was between the 'thumb' and the rest of the toes.

      Oddly one of those was hollow - no quick and the other seemed like a double thick claw.

  8. It looks like Spud was pulled out of the lobster pot a bit too soon. He's not quite red enough for a fully cooked lobster, but those really are some lobster claws I wouldn't mind nibbling on!

  9. Marmelade AND polydactyl? SWOON.



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