Friday, August 26, 2016

Scuffle in the Sunlight

Well, they're gone. Cassie, Russell, Tegan and Dinah have all left our nest.

Wylla is shuffling around the living room right now chasing a sparkle ball -- you can tell she's a little bored and missing her little playmates.

Bean is sitting in the middle of sun patch, that same space the kittens are playing in in the photos below, and is watching Wylla run.  She misses the kittens too, but I also think she's glad to have a quieter house once again.  Normally, when she needs a break from the babies, she slips upstairs and finds a quiet spot. But when it's too hot to hang out upstairs, which it has been the past couple of weeks, she has no choice but to share the coolest spots in the house with them.  She enjoys the kittens, but Bean needs to take her uninterrupted naps. Bean needs her alone time.

As I mentioned before, our little Dinichis found some great families. On Monday I will start sharing all of their adoption tales with you.  We've got some sweet stories to tell, and I think you'll enjoy them!  

I'm going to be heading to Iowa to visit my family next week, so we won't be getting a new batch of kittens immediately, but as soon as I return we'll pick up a new set! They're still flooding into the shelter, so shouldn't have any sort of wait.

Because I'll be gone, I'm going to be putting the IBKC Shop in vacation mode starting Monday, August 29th.  To say "I'm sorry for this inconvenience," I've decided to have a little sale this weekend and we're offering  20% off of  EVERYTHING in the shop.  To take advantage of the discount, just enter "CATLOVER" in the appropriate field upon checkout. The sale ends Sunday at 11:59 PM (pacific time). To visit our shop, click HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone!  We'll see you Monday!














  1. Safe travels, Laurie! And thanks for the sale!

  2. Please take plenty of pictures of Nigel, Mimsey, your mom and The Kitten Whisperer.
    Sniff, no more new Russell da Mitt pics....

  3. Oh that third-from-last will make an excellent Halloween photo! And as for the others . . . bottoms up! Have a good time with your family.

  4. What fabulous pics! I do miss the arched backs of kittens playing. Wonder why adults don't do that?

    Have a lovely time with your family!


  5. Wonderful wonderful photos!! (as always)

  6. Good to know they found great families ♥



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