Thursday, July 21, 2016

Teeny-Tiny Set Tour!


This year's set had a late 1960s/ early 1970s vibe going with lots of avocado and other shades of green --some bright some earthier, along with some wood tones and gold accents.


The first piece I made was for the set was the tiny, lime green vinyl couch with gold buttons.  Once that as complete, I designed the rest of the set around it and went shopping for the rug, wall paper, and materials for the other  furniture pieces and accessories.

The flocked paper seemed fitting for the walls, and I knew the kittens would love the shaggy carpet, which is just a couple yards of "fun fur".

The coffee table and shelving were just small boxes covered with a thin wood veneer.


On the table, a couple of teeny kitten magazines.


Here's a close-up of the covers. After we get through the FUNdraiser, I'll be making these designs (along with last year's) into post cards.

It takes hours to come up with the ideas and design these tiny magazines, but gosh, it's fun, and I just giggle the whole time I'm doing it.



The tiny cat tower was on set last year, but modified to work with this year's design.


Lots of shiny gold and woodgrain on the desk and stage -- a little flashy, a little earthy.



And many potted ferns were sprinkled around the set.  All the pots were glued down to the stage and the ferns were glued into the pots. I knew the kittens would find those interesting, so I had to take some precautionary measures.


And the phones, of course -- there were three different sizes to accommodate growing kittens.


On the desk, tiny coffee mugs. That's Marc Maron on those mugs -- a favorite podcaster/comedian/ cat wrangler.


On the walls were a collection of photos featuring Bean, Wylla, and a few foster kittens in our front window. From left to right: Wylla and Bart Mittenfloss, Bean and Myron/Myra Clover,  Langston VonTussle, The Patmores,  and Bean with Genevieve Patmore.


When I started the set, I had no idea who our phone bank volunteers would be, so I had to pick a palette that would work with a lot of colors of kittens. Our little Dinichi Family coordinates nicely!


I hope you enjoyed the tour!   I sure enjoyed making the set and love sharing it with all of you.


Lots more to come today:

We've got a big match on the table and we're raising money for the spay and neuter programs. Click HERE to donate to these very important programs! And click HERE to find out more about them.

Opal and Ellis visited yesterday, and I'll be sharing photos of our morning with them.

Auctions ending today:
Craig's Watercolor painting ends at 2:20 PM (Pacific Time)
Kate and Susan's Rainbow Kitty Quilt ends at 1:13 PM.
Marguerite's adorable cat hat  ends at 3:20 PM.

Also, don't forget, you can buy a print of Craig's portrait of Bean HERE.

And more!  I'll be here all day asking for your support and attempting to keep you entertained! We've got today, and tomorrow to reach our big goal, and on Saturday we walk the big walk!  We're almost done!!!

OH, and get this, we hit a big milestone last night.  Our all-time fundraising total rolled pst $700,000!  
I hope you all are proud of yourselves -- I know I am proud of us!  What a truly remarkable achievement for this community!     It really is incredible what we can do when we all work together!  I love you all so much -- thank you for the heaping helpings of support you've given!    HUGE HUGS all around!

: )



  1. Thank you Laurie for sharing the details of this year's tel-a-thon set! Love the tour with the kitten models! The magazines are really cute! You are so clever! Midori and kitties

  2. That was such fun! and I want a "Dream Date with a Mittenfloss"! Love the housing mag with the "condo" baskets. The set is wonderful!

    And did we meet the Barnyard cats match?


    1. You must have missed the post this morning --- nope, we didn't meet it. We were $200 short, which is OK, we still brought in a LOT for the program.

  3. I love the magazine covers! You always do such a fantastic job with the sets and props.

  4. Absolutely adorable! The magazine covers made me giggle, too.

    And I must say that top photo of Russell is one of my all time favorites. His little head tilt takes the cuteness level off the charts.

    I'm off to make my donation to the spay-neuter fund. Thanks, Cynthia, for the match!

  5. The tiny tel-a-thon set is something I look forward to every year.

  6. the head-tilt pic at the top reminds me SO much of the picture that got re-posted to Cheezburger captioned, "Why no Garfield? I likes Garfield." I could swear it was same kitten, different background!

  7. Your creativity is amazing! I'm sure the kitties love it too, for different reasons :) love that avocado green, totally 70's like our first apartment!

  8. Thanks for the tour of the set. Perhaps in a kitten-less time, you could show us how you made the couch? Love the opportunity to buy postcards of the Kitten Teen Mags!



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