Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kudos, Kiddos. Thanks for Helping the Kitties!


 If you've been following the IBKC for awhile, you no doubt remember Opal's very first donation to our fundraiser.  The wee girl, just four years old then, took money from her very own piggy bank to give to the kitties -- a decision she made completely on her own and from her heart.  You can visit the post HERE.

Every year since, she's made a donation to the fundraiser. I regret not keeping track, but in all of these years, I bet she's given several hundred dollars, plus inspired many other donations as well. 

Her brother, Ellis, helps raise money, too. This year they made and sold crafts with their friend, Lola. They also had a bake sale. 

And when they visited yesterday, they gave a donation of  $105.77.

You two and Lola are special kids, and we're grateful for your sweet and generous donation. I love that your compassion for animals started so early in life.

Thank you so much for giving to the kitties. We appreciate your big hearts! You are inspiring!

Here are a few pictures from their visit:







We're off to a great start today! I love that you all are so passionate about funding the shelter's spay and neuter programs!

We  currently have $2105 left to meet in the match, and if we keep up our current pace we shouldn't have a problem maxing it out!  Keep up the good work!

To support the spay and neuter programs, please click HERE and make your tax-deductible donations!

Thanks to all who have chosen to support us this FUNdraiser! And thanks to Cynthia for offering up this generous match!



  1. These kids are compassionate, generous and so sweet...Opal, Ellis and Lola, thank you! I'm trying to figure out if I can manage another donation this year to match the amount you have given. Midori and kitties

  2. OH!!! That last picture! So sweet...

    And what a great set of kids :)

  3. Oh, how I love it when Opal (the human) and Ellis stop by!! They are such sweet kids with amazingly huge hearts.

  4. So sweet. Good on ya, kids.

  5. The five pennies story and the "Wee Wylla Won Our Hearts" story are probably my top two favorite IBKC stories from all the years I've been following.

  6. What a fabulous pair of awesome people Opal (the human) and Ellis are!

    I am glad they have continued their generosity this year.

  7. Opal (the human) and Ellis are two of the best friends the IBKC (and animals) have.

  8. Every year I wait to see what Opal(the human) will do to fund raise. Every year she amazes me. Many kudos to her parents for raising such a loving human. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends running her own foster program. Well done, Opal, well done!



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