Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's Spay and Neuter Day!


Until Midnight tonight (Pacific Time), every single penny donated to our fundraiser will help "fix" the problem of cat overpopulation by funding spay and neuter programs at the Humane Society.

These funds will be used to fix feral cats brought in through the trap/neuter/release program.

We've been devoting funds to this program since our early fundraising days, and thanks to the IBKC and community at large, Pierce County has transformed. Instead of teeming with cats, local colonies are ear-tipped and altered, reducing overpopulation.

The money we raise will also help cover the cost of surgeries for roaming cats or neighborhood strays - those socialized cats, lost or abandoned by their owners, living in our community. Typically, someone is feeding the cat, and allowing it to sleep in the garage or on their porch. This kind neighbor wouldn’t dream of surrendering it to the shelter, but they also do not want to be responsible for another cat. These cats give birth to many of the litters that inundate the shelter during kitten season. Fixing these strays, will bring numbers down too.

We will also be supporting the Cinderella Fund, which serves low-income residents of Pierce County and the city of Federal Way.  With a small co-payment,  low-income pet owners can have their pet altered through participating veterinarians, or the Northwest Spay and Neuter Center, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. The Cinderella fund picks up the rest of the tab. It’s easy, cost-effective, convenient and fast.

In 2016 alone, 220 cats received spay/neuter surgeries through the Cinderella Fund. It costs $35 for a neuter and $40 for a spay surgery, at minimum, and having that cost offset means families can prioritize feeding and caring for their family pet.

Most people know that spay and neutering their pet is the right thing to do, but the number one reason why they don't do it, is because they can't afford the surgery.  And thanks to the Cinderella Fund specifically, income isn’t a barrier to these surgeries.

Recently an elderly fellow with a heart for cats reached out about how the colony he watches over now has five kittens in the mix. He himself didn’t have the funds to have these little ones altered, but knew he wanted to help curb the population in his own backyard. Cinderella ensured that each of the littermates received either spay or neuter surgery, and they’re currently recovering in an experienced foster home. With this sample, not only will the number of cats dwindle, but those in our care will also receive socialization and be adopted into loving homes. Everyone wins!

Here are a few photos of the kittens in their foster home. Thanks to their foster mama for sharing them with us! And thank for providing the love and care and socializing these sweet things needed!

Ultimately, giving our shelter  the resources to spay and neuter more cats, allows them to take huge strides in reducing pet overpopulation.  By preventing litters and reducing the number of kittens flooding into the shelter each year, it enables them to help the animals that need the most help --  like the senior and special needs cats.

It's an important day to give, and we hope you'll consider making a donation today.

Cynthia, our dear friend, knows how valuable these programs are and is offering up a very generous $3,500 matching donation challenge for us today.   For every dollar we donate, she will match it until we hit the $3,500 cap.

The challenge will end at 7:00 PM Pacific Time tonight, but any donation that comes in before Midnight, will go towards the Spay and Neuter programs.

If you are in a position to help, please click HERE to make a donation today!  Thank you!

Thanks for caring and giving so much, especially you, dear Cynthia. Your generosity is heart-warming, and mind-blowing.


We had a good run yesterday, but in the end, we missed our match for the Barn Cat and Backyard Buddy program by $200. We came so close!  But, that's Ok. We left a couple of bucks on the table, but still raised a tremendous amount to support the program!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed -- I feel so great that we were able to gather so much to help Patty and this awesome program out. They are doing such incredible things out there in the field!  

Lots more to come today! I will be blogging feverishly,  so do stay close!!  



  1. Spaying and neutering your pets is a very important thing!

  2. There's no link to donate via paypal. I'm in the UK so can't use my credit card. I wanted to donate, but there is no link to do it. You had one last year, and though it didn't count towards the total on the blog page, and I wasn't able to be listed, and felt as though my donation didn't matter at all, I was still able to donate. Can't do that now though. A tad disappointing.

    1. We put the Paypal link on the last day, so you can donate tomorrow if you want to go that route. We get lots of donations from the UK using our Firstgiving Page, so if you wanted to post on that page so your name showed up, you should be able to do that! And no matter what, your donation matters!

    2. Thanks, the problem with the credit card though, is that the bank would slap huge charges on to convert £s to $s. It would be too much. But paypal doesn't charge to convert. I think I'll probably just donate to a local shelter instead.

  3. I just love a warm, nekkid, spay-belly to kiss!



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