Friday, July 22, 2016

Pick Your Program!!!


This is it, friends! Our final day of FUNdraising! Having it condensed into less than two weeks  really made it all zip by so quickly.

We've been working SO hard and have met some huge matching donation challenges along the way. We're in a great place right now, so rolling past $100,000 today is totally possible.

I'm very proud of what we've done together, and so happy we're funding so many incredible programs and projects at our shelter.  Thank you for believing in the good work our Humane Society does and choosing to support it! We're providing them with the resources to change the lives of so many cats and kittens for the better, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes my heart!

We've had days along that way where the donations received helped fund some special programs: The Senior Cats, The Special Needs Cats, The Foster Program, The Barn Cat/ Backyard Buddy Program and the Spay and Neuter Programs. If you missed out on the opportunity to give on those days , today you can earmark your donation for a fund of your choice.  Here's the opportunity to give to what you feel most passionate about and help fund the program of your choice.

When you make your donation on the Firsgiving page, you'll see a field to leave a comment. In that field, designate where you would like to see that donation go - you can pick from any of the  programs listed above.

If you don't want to pick a program and would prefer to let the HS decide how to use it, you can do that too.

To help us get to our $100,000 goal today, we've got TWO matching donation challenges. The first is from our friend, Mary,

It's the Cozy Bed Challenge.

Three years ago, we had a super fun match where instead of dollars,  donations were matched with handmade fleece beds for the shelter cats.  It was Natalie's idea, and with the help of her feline assistants Scarlett and Melly, she generously stitched over 50 beds for Humane Society cats and kittens.

Our friend Mary loved Natalie's idea and for the past two years she has offered a similar match. I can't recall how many she stitched each year, but the stack was tall.


Mary is back, has a huge pile of fleece, and is ready to get stitching. I know the shelter will be happy to hear this -- they love the beds because they're machine washable, durable, and they make the cubbies cozy and the cats happy!  Here's some of the fleece Mary picked out for this year's match.

For every $25 dollars that's donated this morning,  Mary will be matching it by making a fleece bed for a shelter cat!  She's game for stitching up to 30 beds, so I do hope we'll put her to work, and meet the cap on this match!

UPDATE:  MARY'S MATCH WAS MET!!!!  HOORAY! Thanks to all who helped us complete it! And thank you, MARY!


In addition to Mary's Cozy Bed challenge, we also have one last matching  donation challenge for the 2016 FUNdraising season,  and it's being offered up by our dear friend, Cynthia!

Starting immediately, for every dollar we donate, she will match it until we hit the $5000 cap, or until 6:00 PM Pacific Time, which ever comes first.

And when we meet the match and throw Cynthia's money in, THAT will roll us past the $100,000 mark!

So, let's jump right in, folks.  Donate now, your dollars are doubled, and a shelter cat gets a cozy bed!

To make a tax-deductible donation to a program of your choice, please visit our Firstgiving page.

THANK YOU, incredible people of the IBKC community!  Thank you for caring and giving so much!

Thank you Mary and Cynthia for offering up these awesome matches!!

SO MUCH TO COME TODAY!!!  I've got lots of posts planned to help keep us entertained while we work hard to HIT THAT BIG GOAL!  I can't wait for it to happen!!

OK, little Dinichis, time to focus! There is work to be done!


  1. What an awesome idea to "pick your program" -- especially good for me who missed the one I wanted!!!! Thanks!

  2. My darling girl Mini, who went to heaven in 2013, was a fluffy tiny torbie who loved nothing more than to sit high up on a stack of pillows, quilts, and blankets, like a little Princess and the Pea. So every year I see that picture up top of the little tabby on top of his/her perch of quilts, I always think of my girl :)

  3. I kept meaning to donate all week but missing the deadlines due to scheduling. Not today! I'm glad I got a second chance to donate to the program I wanted! :)



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