Thursday, July 21, 2016

Alumni Update on a Couple of Former FUNdraisers!



I always look forward to an update from Joy on her beautiful girls, Betty June and Camille Suprenant (now Mei and Riza) because I know there are  always going to be some lovely photographs.

Well, she didn't disappoint with this update!

Here's what Joy had to say:

I've been meaning to send you an update on the girls, so here are some recent photos of them. It's hard to believe they are now six years old, and that we're coming up again on the anniversary of their "gotchya" day again. 

 I still remember coming over for a meet and greet, having Mei (then Betty June) crawl into my lap and fall asleep, and thinking, "Well, that decides that." Mei still likes to crawl into my lap and fall asleep, but that's quite a different experience with a 9 lb fully grown cat! It often involves her shoving my computer off my lap when I'm trying to get stuff done. Mei is still the more outgoing of the two girls. When I have visitors, she always comes out to supervise and investigate. She also likes to carry toys in her mouth around the apartment while howling the victory song of her people.

Riza (formerly Camille) is just a complete lovebug. Though she can be a little shy, she's incredibly affectionate with people that she knows. She seeks out scritches and petting, and will push her head under my hand if I'm not giving her the attention that she wants. She's also the cat who is always trying to be in the same room as me. She likes to sit on my chest at bedtime and purr and purr and purr.

And though they have grown up into sleek, lazy ladycats, they are still kittens of mass destruction at heart. Mei especially takes special pleasure in knocking things off tables just for the fun of it.

I'm so glad that they're in my life. They are just the best!

Thanks for sharing you lovely cats with us today, Joy!   As always, it's great to see them again!

This is my last post for today, so I'll give you all one last reminder here on the blog that all we bring in until Midnight (Pacific Time) will go towards the Spay and Neuter programs at the shelter.

The contributions we've made in previous years have made a huge impact on the overpopulation problem in Piece County. The more we bring in, the more we can help continue to bring the numbers down.

More spayed and neutered cats = few litters of kittens coming into the shelter = more resources available to help the cats that need the most help (like neonate, senior and special need cats).

Even though we met the match today, I hope we can continue to grow this fund, because it's making a very real difference!

To make your donation, please visit our FUNdraising page.

Alright, we will see you bright and early tomorrow!  ONE BIG PUSH left and we will hit our goal! It's going to be a really great day!

Thanks so much for sticking with us through these two hard weeks. You've been amazing, and I appreciate your support so much!



  1. Both girls have grown up to be gorgeous ladycats. I'm partial to cats with Camille/Riza's coloring, which I've heard called tabby point. Tabby point is an indication of Siamese in the bloodline, and it wouldn't surprise me if that encompassed breeds that are part-Siamese.

  2. What beautiful, elegant ladies they have grown into and how nice it was to get the update. Thank you, Joy!

  3. Great to see how these cute girl kittens have blossomed into lovely ladies! And good to know they are still truly adored.

  4. "howling the victory song of her people." That's the best thing I've heard all day :)

  5. What beautiful kitties they've grown up to be!

  6. Such lovely ladies to see an update from! I am in awe of their loveliness.



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