Thursday, July 21, 2016

Match Met, But It's Not Over Yet!

Much to my surprise, and over three hours ahead of schedule, we met our big $3,500 matching donation challenge offered up by our friend, Cynthia.

Thanks to all who stepped forward to support these incredibly important Spay and Neuter programs! And thank you, Cynthia, for providing another awesome match for us to meet!

Even though the match has been met, I wanted to remind folks that all of our donations that come in before midnight (pac time) will be put towards the Spay and Neuter programs

So, don't worry, you may have missed out on the match, but you can still help out!

How about donating $35 to neuter a male cat?
Or if that's too much, how about $17.50? That will cover one testicle!
Or how about donating $40 to spay one female cat?
Or $75 to spay one female and neuter one male?
Or be inspired  by Opal, Ellis and Lola's generous donation and give $105.77?

Every bit really does help!
Thanks, friends!

More to come! Do stay close!



  1. YAY for the match and the support for S/N!!
    And Miss Wylla has such a stern expression, she also supports it.



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