Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Jimmy Tipton Update!!

Jimmy Tipton was adopted by John and Monika, who just happen to be our very dear friends.  You can read his oh-so-happy adoption tale HERE. We do get to see Jimmy and his handsome tabby brothers, Howard and Junior, when we visit their home, and it's always a treat.  Those kitties are loved deeply and bring so much joy to their parents.

Here a few of my favorite pics of the young Jimmy Tipton:




And here are a few current pics of the boy and some words from Monika!

Jimmy Tipton has been the biggest surprise for us. He came to us, so tiny and timid. Now he is a sweet, GIANT blockhead. Still timid, he is completely attached to us. He's the only cat I've ever known to sleep, holding and periodically squeezing/hugging my arm. He's a great "Baby Huey!”

He loves to bring presents to his dad, John. No day is complete without this type of treasure...

Chatty and quirky, Jimmy now has us trained. He likes his water out of a glass, please, and his food served on this upside down colander! We love this guy so much!

Thanks for sharing these with us, Monika!  We love how you guys love your boy!  Please give him a squeeze and tell him we hope to see him again soon!

We're not done for today, folks! I've got another update to share later this morning and we'll be chatting about the upcoming FUNdraiser, too!   First, I need to check in with the Foster Department to see if your phone bank volunteers have arrived yet!  Stay tuned!  We will be back in a bit!


  1. Laurie,
    When you see IBKC alums like Jimmy Tipton, do they seem to remember you?

    1. It's hard to say for sure, but I would guess that they really don't. When you consider the big picture, they really only spend a blip of time with us.

  2. He's soooo handsome! Love his goofy quirks. I can totally relate!

  3. I love the colander!

  4. What a cute little dude! He's leading such a happy life!

  5. My cat sleeps hugging and squeezing my arm too! It's super adorable.

  6. Ah, Jimmy Tipton! What a lovely hunk of boy kitty you have become. And your training of your humans is quite impressive! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm glad his people kept his name as Jimmy, it seems to suit him well.

  8. Our cats totally train us, and we love it. ;) Jimmy's a very handsome chunk of cat.

  9. Jimmy Tipton still loves to show his kitty pits!



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