Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FUNdraising News, A Franklin and Daphne Winkler Update!! OH, And Did I Mention There are Babies on Their Way!!


It's always nice to catch up with Daphne (now Madison) and Franklin Winkler! Whenever I put a call out for alumni reports, I can always count on Mama Leslie to send me lots of good stories and many adorable photos of her fabulous tabbies! And belly shots. There's always at least one shot of Daphne showing us her tummy!

Here's what her Winklers have been up to lately:

Hi Laurie, 

The kitties are as goofy as ever. Franklin likes to show off his doughy belly and Madison is sweet and always in mega head butt mode.

I could send you a pic of Mike holding Franklin over his head with all of his cat feet outstretched and his tail in a perfect “candy cane” curl-but I don’t think Mike would approve! LOL That is their "I’m home from work" routine. Franklin gets a big stretch and we get a big laugh from it.

Madison meows in her sleep. I will go check on her and she’s out like a light but having quite an animated conversation. Maybe she is telling Franklin to look at the birds.

Franklin has a favorite spot to sleep on in our room and when you walk in he stretches out and wants his belly rubbed. He always wants his belly rubbed! A hello will cause him to dip his head and roll over. 

Madison gets into thunder cat mode and will run VERY fast around the house. Her brakes don’t work well and she’ll slide across the floor and bump into things. I need to be in my chair by 9:30pm because she expects to be in my lap at that time.

They are best buds and look out for each other. Madison greets Franklin at the food bowl with a chin head butt in the morning and in the evening Franklin goes to look for her. When he finds her sleeping he’ll hug her neck and lick the top of her head.

Happy cats- I love them to pieces!


Thanks so much for keeping us up to date, Leslie! Your kitties look so happy and I love that they love each other so much. It's so endearing!  We sure do appreciate you taking the time to share lots of stories and photos with us today.  

We still have a few more updates to come!  We will be continuing those this week, so expect LOTS more posts than normal!

I just got word that our phone bank volunteers arrived at the shelter this weekend, and I'll be going in to pick them up later today!  I can't wait -- it sounds like we've got ourselves a batch of cuties!!!    

If I'm able to get any decent pictures this afternoon I'll share them, but most likely you'll get your first peek at them tomorrow morning.  We'll just have to see if they cooperate.

We'll introduce all of the newbies over the next couple of days, and once we've said hello to all of the babies, the naming rights auctions will begin!  For those of you who are new 'round here, each year at fundraising time, we auction off the rights to name one litter of kittens. It's always exciting to watch the high bids get higher and see how much each kitten will fetch!  After the naming rights auctions are done, we've got a few special items we'll be auctioning off, too.  I'll share more with you on that later!

Bright and early on Monday, July 11th, we will announce our goal, our FUNdraising page will go live, and we can begin making donations!  Last year we shortened our fundraising season a bit and found that it works just as well as our previous month-long campaigns.  We're doing that this year, too, and we will wrap things up on Saturday, July 23rd.  We're going to have to work hard with a hair less than two weeks to reach our goal,  but I know we can do it!  OH, yes we can!

If anyone is interested in offering up a matching donation challenge,  please send me an email to let me know how much you're willing to match, and we will get that on the schedule.  These matches are always so great because they inspire others to give, and help us reach our goal so much faster!

OK, folks. Time for me to set up the kitten quarters and go fetch some babies in a bit!

HOORAY!  Babies!



  1. I could picture Franklin dipping his head and rolling over. My Neville does the same thing when he wants treats.

  2. They are the cutest, oh my! I just want to rub my face on their bellies <3

    Can't wait for FUNdraiser and babies!

  3. As excited as I am about the volunteers, I'm also crazy excited to see this year's telethon set!

  4. The belly by the chair totally cracked me up. Cats do lay it all out any ole place, don't they? ;) Leslie's letter put a grin on my face. Such loved kitties, and they love each other so much. All cats should have lives like these two.

  5. Gordon Draper please report!!!



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