Monday, July 4, 2016

A Milton and Bunny Ashby Update!

Most likely, it's going to be a little quiet around here with the holiday and all, but I've got several alumni updates left to share, so I'm going to go ahead and post anyway!

Today we have the adorable Milton and Josephine (Bunny) Ashby!   Christopher, their pa, sent some sweet photos of the pair for us to enjoy !

First, let's take a look at back to when these Ashby kittens were tiny. That's Bunny on the left and Milton on the right.


Ashby Kittens in the Window


Here's what their pa had to say:

They still get along really well, and are often cuddled up together. Blossom (Bunny)  can never get enough attention, and Buddy (Milton) has perfected his "turn on the water faucet" meow. 

We're a happy little family here on Beacon Hill in Seattle.

Thanks so much for sharing your kittens with us, Christopher! It's wonderful to see how close they still are today! Please give them love from all of us!

Ok, folks. Get your kitties inside before the fireworks start flying and keep them safe today. It's a scary day for the critters in the USA.

We'll see you tomorrow with a couple of more updates and we'll start gearing up for our FUNdraise, too!  See you then!


  1. So sweet! Let's keep our critters safe today!

  2. They grew up to be so beautiful (well, how could they not when they started out so adorably?). Thank you for another sweet update.

  3. They look great! Milton still looks oh-so-serious. He must be consumed with deep kitty thots.

  4. Precious. They are both grown-up beauties and Blossom's inherent "bunnyness" hasn't changed at all, just grown.

  5. They are so elegant grown up itty bitty kitties, I love them!

  6. Nothing better than seeing a pair of clearly beloved alums!

  7. I love how loved they are!
    Thanks for the surprise post.

  8. Your brothers Rupert and Clovis say "HI!!!"

  9. Love seeing what all these kittens become! Thanks for the update on these two love bugs.



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