Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cats and Dog

Every now and again, Sarah stops by on her way through town with her pup, Dulcey. I've blogged about their visits before, so you probably recognize this pooch. You also may recall that Wylla was named after Sarah's mother, Wylla, and you can read a bit more about that in THIS post.


They came by yesterday for lunch and to spend a little time with us. Wylla and Charlene girls were hanging out in the living room when they arrived, and Wylla made a quick exit and headed upstairs to hide.

I was surprised at how quickly she disappeared. Last time they came through she did just fine with Dulcey and even went nose-to-nose with her.  Wylla was just a kitten then, maybe six months old at that time, and I guess she has changed a lot since that their last encounter.


After a little bit,  once we all were settled, I went and brought Wylla back into the room and perched her on the windowsill. She kept her distance, and kept her eye on the dog.  Her feathers got a little ruffled at first, but she did calm down in time.



"I just want to be your friend, Wylla. That is all."



Bean is always "Charles in Charge" whenever a dog is around, so she never feels throated when we have one in our house.  Also, Ducley has spent a lot of time around cats and is pretty respectful of their space. They do quite well together and there is zero tension between the two of them.

They both stayed close at first, hoping to get a bit of our lunch, then Bean slipped away to curl up and catch a nap.



I do think Dulcey was a little heartbroken that Charlene did not want to play.



Thanks for stopping by, Sarah and Dulcey! It's always great to see you.

To see some posts on their previous visits, you can click here and here. Oh, and be sure to look at this one when they came by and met the Darlings. That was great fun.


  1. I think Dulcey may have the cutest ears I have ever seen... The rest of her is also adorable, but those ears just slay me.

  2. Glad you made it home safely and no one in your family suffered storm damage!! Dulcey looks great, she sounds like a cool dog! My kitties all react differently when my son's dog comes to visit :) I guess it's partly their personality and who knows about the rest!!

  3. It maybe that Dulcey's wiggling was not to Miss Wylla's liking. Good to see Dulcey again!

  4. About Wylla, my cat Pepi liked the neighbors dog for a little bit when they came over. But later on she got scared of her. It's too bad because their dog is so friendly. What happens to kittens that change their minds about friendly doggies?

  5. Does Wylla still make outings now that she no longer needs her special meal planning?

    1. She does on occasion, but not as often as she used to.



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