Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Home at Last!

I was at my brother's in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for the weekend celebrating Christmas with the family. There was a lot of horrible weather in that area, but thankfully we were out of harm's way. Most of the destruction happened about an hour east of where we were, and though we got a lot of heavy rain, strong winds, hail, and big thunderstorms, we weren't too close to where the tornados touched down.

Many families weren't so lucky and our hearts go out to those who suffered loss this weekend.

With weather-related cancelations and delays, the trip home was a long one. It's good to be back. As soon as I rolled in the suitcases and put them on the bed, the girls began inspecting them. I brought home the scents of another cat and two basset hounds on my bags, which the girls were quite curious about. I noticed they've both been rubbing their faces against corners and edges of everything last night -- I think they're both feeling a little threatened by these smells and needed to mark their turf.

The "vacancy" sign is still hanging on our door and hopefully we'll see some kittens soon. Of course, it's always a good thing when there are no kittens in need of of fostering, but we do miss having them around.  I'm sure you do, too!

I just checked the forecast where my parents live, and it looks like they have a little bit of snow. Hopefully we'll be seeing a kitten or two at their house too --like these snow cats my dad crafted during previous winters.


A Snowcat for Nigel and Mimsey Frost



  1. I've never met him, but I love you Dad. :)

  2. If only your dad could craft a "snow tail" as remarkable as Nigel's!

  3. Awesome snow kitties! How did he get that tail to stay up on the middle one?

  4. Belated welcomes to North Texas! I'm glad our weird weather didn't cause too much inconvenience (the tornado missed us by the width of the lake). We wish you a calm and restful week and New Year!

    Peggy, Diva, and Chloë

  5. My parents and your parents live in the same area. Things were OK there as of Sunday when I left. But Monday was pretty bad to the south. (Nice thing to return to work to.)

    I'm glad you're home and safe. You're due for a little rest after your travels. My cats were on me like velcro for hours when I got back and I imagine yours were too.

    Do the girls ever want to go out on the desk and see the snow?

    1. We hardly ever get snow here, maybe once a year, so they don't get much of a chance to experience it.

  6. I have followed your blog for years now so I am thrilled you were in the DFW area! I live in Fort Worth. You were able to experience all four seasons while you were here! A true Texas welcome!

  7. I agree - I love your Dad too!! What a sweet soul.



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