Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Day, Another Dog

Each year around holidays we get a visit from our friend Sarah and her pup, Dulcey.  In previous years, there have been kittens for Dulcey to meet, but this time,  only Bean was here to greet this wiggly one.


 Dulcey wanted to play, but Bean didn't seem to be interested at all.   Unflappable Bean just watched her wiggle her backend.


And Ducley watched Bean until she realized Bean had no interest in playing with her,  and then moved on.

She found herself a kitten toy and we played fetch with her on the living room rug until the toy grew too soggy to touch, and the humans gave up.

She spent the rest of her visit un-stuffing the stuffed toy.  


Bean just sat back and took the whole scene in with an expression on her face that read "dogs are weird".


  1. Heh. My half-blind (badly crossed eyes) half-Siamese met his first dog a few years ago. He saw it from a distance and got slowly closer until they could touch noses. At which point, he ran away. I imagine the internal monologue was something like, "That's not just an ugly cat! That's not just an ugly cat!"

  2. we agree Bean - dogs are weird!! MOL

  3. Heh. I agree, Bean. Dogs are weird.

  4. I must commend the doggie for being so mild mannered and easy to please!

  5. LOL sounds like my boy kitty when my son's dog comes to visit, but his sister kitties are not nearly as cool!! They hiss and swat at poor puppy, he just wants to be their friend ;o) Miss Bean is one cool customer!!

  6. lol at Dan B. Sounds like my reaction long ago when I went for a romantic late night walk with a boy in a dark neighborhood and we thought we saw a black-and-white cat...until we were almost close enough to pet it....

  7. My dog always thought of cats as really cool dog toys -- as in, they moved on your own, no one had to throw them. My cat learned not to run away, at which point the dog would power slide into the cat, trying to get her to run. After hearing three or four slides, you'd finally hear "MREOW!" and a smack on the dog's nose from the cat. Poor puppy, couldn't get anybody to play with her.

  8. Awwww poor Dulcey just wanted a playmate! I admit to being an equal opportunity dog and cat lover. I love Dulcey's ears! They look like handles. :)

  9. Well of *course* CoolBean's unflappable, she's well aware that Dulcey is a visitor to the House of Bean and fully expects her to behave as such. I'll bet she learned that technique from big sister Drewey.

    And I'm giving props to Dulcey for being such a sweet, mellow girl. She's gorgeous, too. Unstuffing the cat toy is just what dogs do.

  10. bean is just awesome! how lucky you are to have such a patient and calm cat. amazing how dog and cat "got along"!



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