Friday, July 10, 2015

Some Sweet Seniors We're Helping!

And a few words from the shelter...

We love it when the IBKC fundraiser has a senior day! Because of this ‘senior fund’ we are able to help so many older cats find homes quickly. Not only that, we can do so much to keep them comfortable while they’re here. Older cats seem to be more sensitive to their environment, and act more shy and withdrawn. However, they are also the cats that warm up quickest when they get to know you. So we try to give them the ‘best rooms in the house.’ They always have lots of soft bedding, a place to hide, natural light, perches, a variety of soft and hard food. And extra attention. They get regular head skritches, but what they really like is just a quiet presence, talking to them and petting them slowly. 

 Right now we have several seniors waiting for homes. Kitty is eight years old, and a real love! She came in as a stray, and was very skittish until she settled in. Liberty is also 8 years old, and Nibbles is ten. They are both laid back, friendly cats who will delight their new owners. Because of the Senior Fund, they have all had blood work, dental checks, and treatment for any medical issues. If we think it will help, we can also offer to waive the adoption fee, or add a basket of donated pet supplies or toys as an extra incentive. But we are confident their personalities will win them new homes soon!




Today is all about the Senior Cats and everything we raise until 8:00 AM Pacific Time tomorrow will help give them the very best as they wait for their forever families to come along.

We've got a matching donation happening right now with a $5000 cap. We're $977 away from meeting it, so if you donate soon, your donation will be doubled by our dear friend Cynthia.  The challenge ends at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, so PLEASE hurry!

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our fundraising page!  Thank you!

Thank you, Marguerite, for sharing their stories and photos! It's so good to see who we are helping!


  1. Other than the white on the nose, Liberty looks a lot like my Imp (who turns 10 tomorrow).

  2. OMG Nibbles! What personality! Someone has to need him out there.

    1. Totally agree- he's got quite a lot of "eyebrow action" for a creature without eyebrows... Love him! Wish I lived closer and could take another kitty in!

  3. Nibble is so handsome! He looks huge.

  4. Kitty is so cute!

  5. I love senior cats. I'm afraid I might have been too late to contribute to the senior fund, but I know that my donation will be put to good use anyway.

  6. I wish I lived still my heart!



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