Friday, July 10, 2015

Half-Million Here We Come!!

Oh my goodness, that was close! We had literally less than a minute to go when we met the last of the match. Thank you to everyone who gave during Cynthia's awesome challenge! And a HUGE thanks to Cynthia for offering up the HUGE match!

Thanks to all of this generosity, so far we've brought in $10,193 for our wonderful Senior Cats! And we're not done! You can still donate towards their fund until 8:00 AM tomorrow morning (Pacific Time) so I'm hoping to see that number rise a bit!

I know I was asking a lot putting two BIG challenges back-to-back, but because we're trying to make this all happen in fewer days, it's going to take some big pushes like this to get us there.  It's going to be hard, but we are going to do it!  As it stands, in two days we've raised over $25,000 for the shelter! And get this, when we raise $1512 more, our all-time fundraising grand total will be a half-million dollars!  OH, I am so excited to cross that mark!  And maybe it will happen during Senior Cat Day!!  OH, please, can it happen during Senior Cat day??!!

And in kitten news...

The babies are all doing well. They're much more daring today and are coming out of their shells.  They're not the best eaters in the world so I'm having to do some syringe feeding. They'll eat some on their own, but not enough to fill their bellies. I've got a few tricks to try and hopefully in the next day or so they'll be able to eat completely on their own.

Gosh, they're cute. I'm excited for you to meet the rest! I'll be doing the last of the introductions over the weekend, and on Monday, we will start auctioning off the naming rights. Each auction will last 24 hours and hopefully by the time the week is out, they'll all have their assigned names!

Thanks for an excellent day! We'll see you tomorrow -  or when we cross the half-million mark - whichever comes first! Hopefully, the latter!

xo xo Love you all!


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  1. I forgot to make the donation last night for senior kitties. Thank you for extending it through this morning.



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