Friday, July 10, 2015

Another Sweet Senior Story

Honestly, I can't get enough of happy endings like this. Here's another sweet Senior Cat story from our shelter.

Thanks to Marguerite for sending the story and photo my way!

Lindsey came to the shelter today specifically to look for a senior cat. She’s had cats her whole life, and when her last pet passed away recently, she realized she enjoyed the company of an older cat. 

She wanted a pet who was as relaxed and quiet as she was. She took a look at the seniors we had, and settled on Samson because he was so relentlessly affectionate. After a few moments with Lindsey, he began purring up a storm and licking her hand gently. 

She left the shelter with a big smile on her face, and another senior cat has found a loving home!

To help sweet Senior Cats like Sampson out, Please consider making a donation to our FUNdraiser! The money we raise today ALL goes to help those special Senior Cats at the shelter. 


  1. Thank you for stories like this.

  2. That picture is so good you can almost hear the purr.

  3. ShortWoman, that is the best description for this picture. And you're right, you CAN almost hear the purr!

  4. I swear I could feel the rumbly purr! What a great photo

  5. That's what I'M gonna do when I get a little older - take in a senior cat [or two]! Thanks for the sweet story and picture!

  6. Samson is a very very handsome boy

  7. Samson looks like half cat, half sheep! So cute!



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