Friday, July 24, 2015

Feeling the Love

Because I have such faith in this community of ours, I  know it's always going to happen,  Whatever the goal may be, we will reach it, and then some.

And even though I'm expecting this moment, I am never prepared for it, and it always knocks me off my feet.  It's an overwhelming wave of all sorts of emotions. Some emotions are familiar - like gratefulness and happiness - but some I can't quite identify because I don't even know that there are names from them.  It's a feeling of love and support, but it's a squillion times bigger. And it's odd because all this love and support comes from a whole lot of people you've never ever met.

Do you know how incredible you are? Do you understand the depths of your compassion. Do you know that it's not the norm to a give so much to a shelter that is not in your geographical neighborhood - for some, not even your country? Some of you live in Tacoma, but most of you don't.

Do you know you're the kindest people in the world? I know we all come here for the kittens, but I feel what keeps us here is the incredible community of good people who are thoughtful, positive, gentle and treat each other with respect and never say an unkind word. It's amazing being surrounded by all of you.

I know this every day, but this is the time of year when there is  even more evidence of your goodness. Part of it is your generous donations - it's easy to see those rolling in, but it's more that that. It's the sweet, supportive comments, it's the spreading the word,  it's the cheering, and it's your willingness to still come back every and listen to my pleas.

Thank you for being such special people.  Thank you for your generous gifts. Thank you of making me feel the way I do in this moment. And thank you for caring so much about our shelter and all the cats and kittens that pass through the doors.

You are amazing and I love you.

Thank you for being a part of my world.

We've met the goal, but I'm not done for the day.  I'll be back soon. I've got to make some calls and we're out of kitty litter!

I'm far from done thanking you, by the way.  This is just the start. There are many of you that played a huge part in our success, and I will thank all of these special people individually in a post to come.




  1. And do you know how amazing you are, Laurie? I read this, and I'm choked up, because this wouldn't be happening with you. <3 <3 <3

  2. Wait, I hit return too soon! I cried at 19 squillion years ago, and I'm crying at 127 squillion today. So much goodness in the world. It's a good thing to see.

  3. well, now i'm crying so i can't type or capitalize....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. As a Miami dweller who follows your blog daily, I can't imagine my life without the wonder and joy and just generosity of the IBKC. My little donation comes from across the country to help one of the worthiest, most wonderful groups I have ever seen. <3 Keep up God's work, Laurie.

  5. Without you (and Craig and the kitties) there would be no IBKC. These kittens are given an identity and a name and everyone feels a sense of protection and love for them because you, Laurie, make us feel that way by your humor and how clever you are. Some days, I just pull up an old post, and invariably, I have the first big smile of my day. You are very special and everyone who follows your blog knows that. Congratulations on this wonderful fundraiser.

  6. No, thank YOU and the whole family. <3

  7. $148,000??!!?? How did that even happen? LOL!

  8. You're the one. Because of you, it happens. Big love.



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