Friday, July 24, 2015

Party Cat in Her Party Hat


What a crazy afternoon! I had intended to post a few more posts and start one wee auction, but once we hit our goal, everything haywire!

Just before we rolled it over, I had released the Hollis Girls from quarantine and they were roaming everywhere, climbing baby gates, and getting into everything. They were having their own little kitten party.

The phone was ringing off the hook! Emails and texts were flooding in! And Marguerite and Helen from the shelter came over with a really sweet basket of goodies and gift cards with a balloon bouquet attached!  My head is still swirling from it all!

Honestly, even though I watched it creep up there, I'm still kind of in shock where we are - just a hair under $150,000!  I can't believe we did all that in 15 days of FUNdraising. That is HUGE! Thank you for making that magical number happen!

Dog-A-Thon starts tomorrow at 9:00 AM. We're heading over there at 9:30 and plan to gather at the registration table at 10:30 and walk from there.  Please join us if you can! You won't be able to miss us - just look for the large group of  people with the adorable cat.

Though I'm done soliciting donations, the Firstgiving page will be there and accepting donations for a few more weeks. If you still like to support us, feel free to!

There's still a little more FUNdraising business to take care of. I've got that one tiny auction, which I think will start Monday. Also I have prizes to give away, people to thank, and totals to share.  

But now, it's time to feed the cats and feed the humans!  And do some more celebrating, of course. Evelyn's already started.

Good night!


  1. Lynn, Al, Zuzu and IndyJuly 24, 2015 at 6:32 PM

    The Hollis girls will go down in History!!! Yay! Yay! Hugs all around.

  2. congratulations to you and the Hollis girls!

  3. I'm so happy for you and the kitties! Wishing I could have contributed more.

  4. Oh my goodness, nearly $150,000, and in a shortened fundraiser? That's awesome. Have fun walking the walk! Oh, and work it, party kitty. LG sends purrs from VA.



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