Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Visit from Opal the Human and Brother Ellis

Opal the Human and her brother, Ellis, are fundraiser fixtures.  They always visit us during the season and bring along a very generous donation. Sometimes it comes from their very own piggybanks, sometimes they host their own fundraisers, sometimes it's both. I wish I would have kept track of what they've given over the years - it must be well over $500 by now.

This year they did several fundraising events. They made and sold bookmarks and valentines along with their pal Lola at two different craft fairs. Last week, they sold brownies and cookies at the Museum of Glass.  They visited today and together we counted their money. In the past year, they have raised $132.91 for the cats and kittens!  What a remarkable sum!   One dollar of that was Ellis' allowance, by the way. What a generous boy!

The kittens had been bouncing around for hours when Opal, Ellis and mom Jennifer arrived. They were just starting to settle down, so it was the perfect time to visit.

Opal and Ellis have grown up so much. Just last year we had to remind Ellis many times "If you sit still, they will come to you."  He was so gentle with the babies this time around.



Caroline was his favorite. He would have been more than happy to bring her home with him.



Opal like Evelyn, aka "the puffy one".


And Evelyn liked Opal.

Here she is trying to convince her mom that they needed a kitten. She did give a good case, but mom still said "no".


Thank you so much, Opal and Ellis, for caring so much for animals and wanting to help out! You two are quite special, and we appreciate you and your generous ways!

What generous souls!

It's nearly 4:00, which means we have barely 3 hours left to meet the huge match, and we still have $3352 left to go!  The Barn Cat and Backyard Buddies program is such an awesome one.  I do hope you'll choose to support it by making a donation today. To learn more about it, just scroll down and read the previous posts today! Thank you!

To make a tax-deductible donation, visit our Firstgiving Page. Thank you!


  1. I love it when Opal and Ellis come to visit! I presume mom said no to getting kitten because they already have a cat or two? Or maybe a pup I don't remember.

  2. My favorite part of the FUNdraiser! Opal and Ellis are so generous. That is a HUGE gift! Wow!!

  3. What generous souls they are!

  4. Great work, kids!

  5. I love watching Opal the Human and Ellis grow up through the blog. Their generosity and dedication to helping the cats (and all shelter animals) is so fabulous. I absolutely love the first picture of Ellis. Both pictures of him would be great advertising for the shelter and/or the foster program, as would the first picture of Opal. The first picture of Evelyn is the definition of kitten bliss. Totally melted me.

  6. I love hearing about these kids each year! It is so great to hear how much they love animals and what they do to support the fundraiser.



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