Thursday, July 23, 2015

We're Auctioning Off Bean! (a PAINTING of Bean)

That's right, friends!  Craig has created a really lovely watercolor painting of our dear Charlene Butterbean, belly-up, in her favorite napping position.

It's up for auction now, and if you would like to get in on the action and try to make it yours, click HERE to bid.  It only runs 24 hours and will end at 12:30 PM Pacific Time tomorrow.

So please, don't delay!

Thanks so much!

An update on today's match: We had a nice burst after my last plea, but still we've got some work to do to meet our match! So far, we've brought in about $900, so please, keep those donations rolling in and help us fatten up the fund for the Barn Cats and Backyard Buddies! To learn more about the program, just scroll down and read two previous posts.

No make a tax-deductible donation, click HERE!

I'll be back with more so don't go too far!  


  1. Kudos to Craig! He's really captured Bean's floof and attitude plus, it's a unique perspective. Well done. Reminds me of our Cocoabean (no relation!)

  2. that is such a classic Bean pose!
    I was about to ask how you could give it up yourself, but then of course you have the original model to cuddle with when you choose, and the masterful artist husband to create another work of art when his heart desires!

  3. That's one silly looking Bean! Definitely worthy of hanging up in a place of honor for all to gaze upon and chuckle.

  4. Whoa. Your husband is mucho talented! I love it!



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