Thursday, July 23, 2015

Her Moving Words Still Move Me

Our friend Cynthia became a part of the IBKC community during our very first year of fundraising.  The first time I noticed her name come through the Firstgiving site, I cried because this person whose   name I had never heard before, showed her support in a very big way. I remember calling my friend Sue to tell her about it, and she cried too.

Over the years, Cynthia's been incredibly supportive of our fundraiser, our shelter, the IBKC and our mission.  As you've seen by the matches she's sponsored, she's very generous, and inspires so many people to give.   Beyond the squillions she donates, she's gives in other ways: of her time and of her heart.   She sends very nice and encouraging emails and texts and thoughtful notes.  I always tell her "She's the nicest person I've never met."  

We've talked over the phone and exchanged many texts and emails, but I've never had to pleasure of being in the same room as Cynthia. I hope one day soon it will happen. I owe her one very giant hug.

I've always been so moved by the many ways she gives, and also curious to know why she supports our shelter,  a shelter that's geographically so far away. So, last year I asked her why.

I expected a paragraph or two in response,  but in typical Cynthia style, she organized her thoughts,  went that extra mile, and made a lovely little video for us.  It blew me away.

I know many have you saw this last year, but I feel it's worth watching again.  

And though I've watched it many times before, I still find it be so inspiring. I love how she speaks from her heart.

Her words are moving, and I hope you'll take a moment to watch this, even if you've seen it before. If you would like to read a transcript of this, you can do so here.  

Thank you again, Cynthia, for this video. It's the most beautiful gift.


It's 4:30 right now which means have 2.5 hours left in our matching donation challenge. With $3002 left to meet it, for the first time in this fundraiser, I'm getting really nervous. I've been kind of nervous many times before, but I am now officially REALLY nervous we won't make.

It's always a bummer to not complete a match, but to do it on a day when we're raising money for an incredible program like the Barn Cat and Backyard Buddies program, well, it would be heartbreaking.

If you were planning on giving to our Fundraiser, now is such a great time!  Our donations are helping a very special population of cats - a group that is often ignored or expected to fend for themselves.   We have this amazing program in place to help them, and with our support, we can reach farther and help more.

Please help us help the ferals and free-roamers by making a donation HERE.  Let's meet the match and turn our $5000 into $10, 000.

Thank you for listening. And caring. And giving.



  1. Thank you for loving the barn kitties and backyard buddies too. They will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. Thank you, Cynthia! This video brought tears to my eyes. I had to come back and rewatch it after the IBKC met its fundraising goals. This really is an amazing, inspiring community. Good work and congratulations!



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