Monday, August 4, 2014

All is Well

Evie went into the vet this weekend for a post-surgery check-up and to have her stitches removed. The doctor reported that biopsy results were great and the lab found no cancerous cells.   He thought she was healing nicely and looking really good.  She doesn't seem to be blinking normally, but he feels that can improve in time.   He also said that he and the staff really enjoyed her visit. No surprise there - we all know what a delight Sweet Evie is!

It feels pretty good to have all that behind us now, and though Evie probably doesn't fully understand what she's been through, when she returned from her check-up, she seemed to have an extra spring in her kitten steps.  My steps are springy, too.  I always felt everything would be fine, but it's nice having it confirmed.

Here are a couple of "before and after" shots of our girl.





The doctor really did an incredible job, and we are so grateful for that.

Stay tuned, friends.  I'll be back in a bit with the answers to our alumni quiz from last week!


  1. Precious girl! And she's still "extra special" even without her beauty mark. She'll always be extra special! And look how sleek she is getting! Thanks for keeping us updated, Laurie! And we're always so very inspired and grateful for the wonderful love and care you give these babies!

  2. Crying happy tears here...I love that beautiful "extra special" little girl (and would be asking to adopt her if I weren't a continent away). Thank you for going the extra mile for her, of course you do for all of your fosters!

  3. Her scar looks great! So glad to hear she's going to be just fine.

  4. I wish I could give her a smoochie kiss. She is just lovely.

  5. I agree with Vonneybeth- smoochie kisses would definitely be in order- though I'd guess Evie is at that wiggly age where everything looks like something to run and pounce on. She is so cute! And everyone loves a kitten with a story to tell.

  6. wow she's a totally different cat! look how much she has grown!

  7. Celebrating here for Evie's clean test results!!! I really was worried. Bless her little soul. And someone is getting a VERY special beautiful girl.
    I would take her sisters in a heartbeat but I am in California.

  8. Two pieces of the finest news re this darling in one day -- hooray. And fingers crossed for Evie's super sisters.

  9. Awwww what a sweetie. Sweet Evie is a very special girl. <3



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