Friday, August 1, 2014

A Girl and Her Pod

Wylla went in for a check-up and acupuncture treatment yesterday, and much to my surprise, when Doc put her on the scale, our little kitten weighed 6.2 pounds!  I had always hoped she would reach six pounds one day, but she's been hovering around 5.5 - 5.7  pounds for so long, I didn't think it would ever happen.

Because Wylla can only eat wet food, she has issues with her gums and teeth. Recently, it seemed to be causing her some discomfort. Her lower jaw started trembling one night and she was drooling more than normal, so I took her in to see Doc.  She was put on an antibiotic to help clear some things up, and a mild pain med to make her feel better.

The drugs started working, things improved, and all of a sudden, she started eating more than normal.  I guess all the extra calories have really helped!  She had gained almost half a pound since her last visit two weeks ago!   Things are looking good in her mouth, too.  Hopefully that will maintain, and we won't have to take her in for a teeth cleaning in the near future.

I posted a little video of her waiting during her appointment yesterday. You can view it HERE on Instagram.

On the way home from the vet, we stopped at Next to Nature to pick up some food for Charlene.   They had a display of  lovely felt kitty pods in the window, and I picked one out for Wylla, who immediately climbed inside to explore. The shop gals marveled at the calmness of our kitty and how at ease she was in the store.  

It's a strange thing to say about a pet, but that kitten makes me proud.  I love the tranquil disposition she carries with her when we step out, and the positive note she leaves with the people she encounters.  A wee bit of that comes from the exposure that we've given her, but mostly it's just who she is, and gifts she was born with.

She's an incredible little cat ambassador.   It's so much fun sharing her with the world, and it's kind of a real-life extension of what I try to do here on the blog - sharing sweet kitties and brightening days.

It was a weird set of circumstances that led this kitten into our lives, but I get constant reminders that she landed where she was supposed to land.

This calm kitten was meant to be ours.

Oh, and she loves her pod.  





FYI: The pods are made by Lollycadoodle.


  1. Wylla is indeed one of a kind! It's not weird at all to be proud of your baby Laurie, it's like being proud of our children - they are who they are, but Mom helped :)!!! The Universe came through for us all when Wylla became Bean's sister and side-kick!

  2. Happy to hear about "wee" Wylla's recent growth spurt and that her teeth/gums are OK. It is so clear from her pics that she has such a sweet disposition and calm nature. We knew from early on that she was destined to be yours and it is a joy to read of her progress and adventures with you. Her new pod is fantastic! I had a chuckle at the pics of the Nepalese crafters on the Lollycadoodle site making the pods and wondering what they must be thinking - do they know that there is a sweet kitty in the Tacoma area now enjoying their felt creation? I hope so!

  3. FYI, it isn't wet food that hurts the teeth.. and dry food does not clean the teeth, it is a pure myth. Chewing on chunks of raw meat does clean the teeth well, and helps the muscles of the jaw stay in shape.. or brushing with a cat approved toothpaste will also help.

  4. I think Wylla might win best cat in the world. She's really really special.

    1. Seconded -- well, joint first with Charlene. We all lucked out when they came into Laurie and Craig's life, and when Laurie allowed us in.

  5. One of my most excited days ever was when Wylla got her "I'm with Bean" tag. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget it. Wylla is as special as you are, Laurie. She is almost up to being "Zoubi sized", too. What a great cat Wylla is!

  6. Wylla is indeed one special little girl, and I'm so grateful that you share her with the rest of us!

    I will have to look into those pods for our cats--though at 15 and 12 pounds, they may need a larger size than wee Wylla.

  7. I love the idea of a cat pod, Wylla looks like she does too. She's one special little cat they way she is so calm when you take her out and about.

  8. Wee Wylla will make all people who say they don't like cats into converts! I love her woolie pod and she looks happy and adorable in it. She is a true ambassador and landed in the perfect home. I'm still so happy that you adopted her and we all get to be part of her adventures along with Bean!

  9. So precious!!!! I have a kitty "Sam" and he goes with us everywhere - camping, boat rides, golf cart rides! Isn't it a blast when people realize that he is a kitty - not a dog!!!!!

  10. I saw Portland, OR's version of Wylla today as I was going in to work. While stopped at a stoplight, I looked to my left and here was a lady with a calico cat on her shoulder walking down the street. Kitty obviously was very comfortable up there, but I was very pleased to see that she also had a harness on in case something scared her.

    I think Wylla may have started something and we will be seeing cats out and about more often.

  11. Adorable little Wylla-owl emerging from her egg :)

  12. She is awesome! And she truly is a kitty to be proud of. You are blessed with two precious cats!

  13. Wylla and Charlene are both very special cats and I'm very happy to have this post to read and see all about them, thank you for all the time you give.

  14. I'm sure that Lollycadoodle loved the shout-out.. I ordered one of the pods yesterday and there were 5 left.. Just looked again on Sat morning and there are only 2 left. :)

  15. Wee Wylla is so cute in her pod! Have the kittens had access yet? I can imagine how adorable several kitten heads popping out of a pod would look.
    Fingers crossed that Evie's appt. went well with good test results today. Laurie, your readers do pay attention : )

  16. Wylla in her pod: cute little kitten barnacle...

  17. Wee Wylla landed exactly where she's supposed to be! And we're all proud of her and Bean, too. Thanks for making me happy by reading about these two precious kitties, every single day!

  18. Love her in her pod. Love her. Love the pod. And absolutely agree that she ended up where she was supposed to be.



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