Monday, August 4, 2014

Are These Two for You?


Well, it's time, friends.   These Kibblesmiths are ready to leave our nest.  I know, it doesn't seem possible that it's time for good-byes, but it is.

Sweet Evie has her home all lined up, but I'm still looking for an awesome place for Delphine and Maeve.

We've had lots of requests for single kittens, but I'm really hoping to send these two cuties out as a set, so we're still on the hunt for their.   I know they would prefer to stay together, so I'm going to do my best to honor that.

These two are dear things.  Both are social and outgoing and as you can see, completely adorable.  Maeve's favorite hobbies include purring and making air biscuits. She has adorable belly spots and the cutest row of freckles at the base of her whiskers.   Delphine is a super snuggler and very affectionate.  She's mastering the game of fetch, and will return with the tossed toy about 80% of the time.   Her bright blue eyes are enchanting.   Both are charming, and I guarantee they're going to make some kitty-loving person (or family) very happy.

If you're an awesome human in the Seattle/Tacoma area in search of a pair of kittens, please send us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself and the kind of home you could offer this lovely pair of girls. Or, if you know of someone who's looking, please send them our way!



  1. So cute! I wish I lived closer.... And I wondered how long it would be before the kittens found the pod...not very long at all... : )

  2. Gosh, so soon! Having imported my big fella UK to NZ I think my family would certify me if I imported two kitties from the US

  3. I agree with anonymous...I wondered how soon the kittens would discover the fun of the pod. lol. I love their solemn expressions.

  4. Prayers for the Universe to come through in a big way, I just know that it will for these two sweet sisters.

  5. Once again, I am lamenting being a resident of Oklahoma.

  6. Alas, I live in California

  7. So soon?! The time goes by too fast...

    I know that you will find the perfect home(s) for these two little cuties. Though it means saying goodbye to the little ones, I always look forward to hearing about the lucky folks who adopt IBKC alumni.

    I'd love to take them, but I suspect our two grumpy old boy kitties would not be happy with me about that. They only have a fragile peace with each other as it is, and adding kitten energy would probably not help.

  8. I am most happy that Evie has a loving home to go to- those little special kitties always seem to find the right people to love them. If I hear of anyone who needs 2 adorable kitties, I'll send them to the website right away. I will tell Alex to check the site often as he will have to say good bye to Delphine soon.



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