Friday, July 25, 2014

Winklers: Then and Now

Remember this adorable pair? It's Daphne (now Madison) and Franklin Winkler. Mama Leslie has been really great about keeping us updated on her tabbies over the years, and we always enjoy seeing what they're up to!

 First, here they are the day they left our nest.  Franklin's on the left and Madison's on the right.


And here they are today!

From Leslie:
My Mom sent me my old 1975 JC Penney “retro” Horse feed design sleeping bag to me recently. The kitties set upon it immediately and claimed it as theirs. So, instead of moving to my studio to keep me legs warm on chilly days-it remains in the living room. This pic of Franklin is a classic. I am reminded of the video that you have of them both lounging in a comfy cat bed and Franklin is all relaxed on his back. As he stretches he sticks his back foot in Madison’s face-and she just graciously deals with it. They still interact the with each other the same way today. It is very sweet. We love them to pieces!

 Thanks for sharing these awesome photos and update, Leslie! It's always good to see what those Winklers are up to - it's always hilarious! They always seem to nap in the craziest positions!

Please give them our love!


  1. Awwww- I love to see pictures of Winklers! I didn't know that Franklin was also calico- I thought he was a tabby. But I see the orange.

  2. adorable nappers! <3

  3. We're still missing 1 big alumni post. Mr. & Mrs. Kitten whisperer and their babies (their names escape me but I can see their beautiful white coats.)

  4. Oh dear, how tragic to see the awful lives Daphne/Madison and Franklin are living!! We always hope the kittens go to good homes, but it seems in this case they missed the boat, poor babies. :)))



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