Friday, July 25, 2014

A Couple of Anderson-Ericksons!

Emory and Ferris, who now answer to Em and Fen, were a part of the fabulous Anderson-Erickson litter.  The whole litter was delightful, and one of the biggest ones we've ever hosted.   They all left in pairs, and Erin and Eric adopted these two.

Mama Erin has provided us with a lovely update on their boys!

First, let's take a look the guys when they were tiny tuxes.

Here's Em/Emory.


And here's Fen/Ferris.


Here they are with the whole adorable Anderson-Erickson family!

The Anderson-Ericksons

And here's what Mom has to say:

It is hard to believe it has been four years since we walked out of your home with our precious cargo of Fen and Em. We feel so fortunate to have our boys in our lives. Four years later they still retain their kitten energy, curiosity, and goofiness. 

A little over two months ago we packed up our belongings, crated the boys, and moved to New York City. The boys flew well but it will be a while before either will be willing to go into their crates. They did have fun exploring the two different hotel rooms we were in before and after the move while we waited for our stuff to be packed and moved.

 In our new home the boys love the wooden floors. Fen loves his ping pong balls and the wood floor allows him to chase the ball as long as he pleases or the ball becomes trapped! Em thinks the wood floors are the bomb, it makes games of chase more interesting with Fen. Em is our cuddle boy. We call him liquid cat. He relaxes when held and loves to cuddle by wrapping his paws around your arm or hand. Fen is our ball of energy. When you hold him you have a sense of a coiled spring ready to be sprung. The boys are our constant source of joy, sometimes our exasperation, and always a source of love and companionship. We cannot imagine our lives without them.

And here are some lovely photos of the boys. Please don't ask me who is who.  I can't tell anymore!

Thanks for the great update, Erin!  The boys are looking awesome, and we're happy to know they settled right into their new digs!  


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More alumni updates coming your way!!


  1. I don't see many tux kittens- people must snap them up the second they find one. And this is a great example of why. They are such sweet and endearing cats. That litter was so dang cute- all those little tuxes- made me want to reach into the computer and take them. Thanks for sharing their pictures- they look very dapper. We miss our late tux so it is fun to see pictures of other people loving theirs. Don't mess with Tuxes!

    1. I as the "mama" of tuxies myself, I second that "Don't mess with Tuxes!" :) (And we really need a magnet of that picture!)

      Em and Fen are gorgeous - thank you Erin for the update!

    2. Thirding "Don't mess with tuxes!" :)


  2. My Gus agrees about the hardwood floors. If he can get a good drift he's a happy boy.

  3. Thank you Erin!! I could look at your boys every day, such is my love and adoration of tuxies. They’re gorgeous, and it tickles me to read your description of life with them. Never a dull moment, eh?



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