Friday, July 25, 2014

Miss Maddie

Though Maddie Bouvier lives further away than any other IBK, we still remain in close contact with this sweet tortie and her family.  She was Bean's first favorite kitten, so she holds a big spot in all of our hearts around here.

Here's baby Maddie.  This picture always cracks me up.

THAT BELLY!!  Good golly!

maddie and the lamp

And here's what Alicia has to say about her dear, goofy girl:

 Maddie is 6 years old now and has had an especially good year because of her feature in the IBKC book. I won't say she's gotten a big head with her newfound fame, but she has occasionally kicked Cassie out of her dog bed with little apparent remorse. When she and I aren't cuddling, which is most of the time, she likes to cuddle with her sisters. Maddie still loves to play with little plastic things that scoot across wood floors, she is still scared of the vacuum, and we still have to keep the toilet seat closed. She still likes to stick her nose into everything I'm doing. I can't leave beans to drain over the sink unattended because she will steal them! Bean thief! Maybe they make her think of her mentor, Butterbean. Maddie, Sophie, Gnocchi, Cassie, Tony and I are very excited to watch the totals go up on another great fundraiser and hope the money will provide care and homes for All The Torties! 

And here's a fabulous set of photos of Maddie, Sophie, Gnocchi, and Cassie!

Alicia's favorite photo of Maddie

Gnocchi and Maddie

Maddie with paper punch nose accessory

Sophie and Maddie

Maddie on the couch

Cassie and Maddie

Maddie in Garfield mode

Thank you so much for sharing these, Alicia! It's clear she's still the character we knew and loved. Please give our love to Team Tortie and Cassie, too!


  1. Cassie looks like the perfect cat lovin' dog! Maddie is a lucky girl.

  2. Oh, I love this story and series of photographs! Obviously, Maddie is VERY well loved!!!

  3. Buddy and Tiger's MomJuly 25, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    Oh, Maddie looks so much like my Sammie girl, a pretty tortie that went over the Bridge Nov. 24, 2008 at 19 1/2 years old.

    What a pretty girls they all are, Maddie, Sophie, Gnocchi and Cassie!

    Buddy and Tiger's Mom

  4. O M Goodness, gotta love a tortie. We miss our girl of 15 years, went over the bridge in 2010. But great job from all our rescues - Data, Toules, Tina, Cherry, Posie, Cypriss, Fresa, Violet, Ebbie Sue, Rosie, Chloe, Sewfee, Merlee and us Jerry and gloria in South Carolina. You guys are just great champions for kitties all over the world......keep up the good work......Thanks for sharing it all.

  5. omg maddie! what sweeties they all are!

  6. A home full of tortoiseshells is a splendid home indeed.

  7. we just rescued a tortie and we named her mady! :)

  8. Cassie knows well enough to sleep with her eyes open....

  9. I really want to know where that kittycat pillowcase came from.

    1. They're from Xenotees :)


  10. My most favorite adoption story ever!

  11. Gosh, I love that photo of Maddie and Cassie together!



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