Friday, July 25, 2014


OH, joy!  Oh, joy!  The last match of the 2014 FUNdraiser was met!  We had just  FOUR MINUTESt to spare, BUT WE DID IT!!

This is where we currently stand with our online donations and match money!!

But there's still more to throw into the kitty: we've got Paypal donations, auctions, and the other IBKC team member totals to add in too!  I've got a guestimate, and it's HUGE!  REALLY HUGE!  I'll be sharing the grand total on Monday, after I get some numbers crunched.

WOW.  I am so amazed.  Thank you, dear ones.

It's a hair after Five on Dog-a-thon eve, and I now will officially stop pestering you for money!   Of course you can still donate, we'll take any penny you've got, but I promise not to ask once more!

Now it's time to celebrate and walk that victory lap!

SO, is anyone going to walk with us tomorrow?  We hope you can!!   If so, meet us by the HS van at 10:00 AM.  You can't miss it, it's the one with the giant picture of Charlene on the side!  We'll be the cat nerds waving signs.  Look for Wylla, too.  Not on the van, but in reality. She's walking with us too!    For more details on the event, visit HERE.

OH friends,  I'm thrilled.

Thank you for all of this, you huge-hearted kittty-loving, wonderful, wonderful humans.  You did good. You made a difference.  



  1. See you at 10! :-) I'll be wearing orange so I match Wylla,.

  2. Get someone to take a group photo of the whole walking group tomorrow!

  3. This is so wonderful! I'm teary eyed! Have fun at the walk. Wish you weren't so far away!

  4. Have a wonderful walk tomorrow! :D

  5. I look forward to this every year, you do such a great job entertaining us and it's such a good work. Thank you so much, Laurie, just an amazing feat yet again. I'm looking forward to Walk pictures, too. Have a great time! :)


  6. I am an 'infield photographer again this year, I will do my best to be there!

    Power to the PAW!!! ("")

  7. I wish I could be at the walk to celebrate and meet Wylla (and you too, Laurie! :) I am very proud to be even a tiny part of such a wonderful group and it warms my heart to think of the all the cats who will benefit.

    Laurie has been inspiring with her dedicated feline care and Cynthia's generosity in supporting what she cares about is likewise so. Combine this with Robyn's amazing fostering at Love and Hisses as well as the always cute Colehaus Cats and I've begun to hope that I can also foster one day. (Assuming my current feline tribe allows, of course.) Thanks to everyone!

  8. Have fun tomorrow, uh, today. Will look forward to viewing the pics from my East coast desk chair. :-)

  9. A big honkin' THANK YOU to Anonymous Lover of Senior Cats! That's one heck of a contribution!

    1. OMG, I second that!!!! I saw that on the donation page and was just blown away!

      A humongous thank you to Anonymous lover of Senior Cats, Cynthia and the other matching gift people as well as Laurie, Craig, Bean and Wylla for their generosity!!

      Buddy and Tiger's Mom



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