Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweet Evie Update

It's been a week since Sweet Evie's surgery, and she's doing great. The incision is healing nicely, and nothing in her behavior indicates that she's in any sort of discomfort. Her eye is still a little misshapen. It could still be a little swollen from her surgery, so that could change as she continues to heal. I haven't seen her blink, but she does close her eye when she's asleep.

The fur they shaved for surgery is starting to grow back a little, but because it's so short on that side, she looks very asymmetrical.    

She's as bouncy as her sisters are, and if she didn't have her incision, you would never be able to guess she went through what she did.  Kittens are so resilient!

She'll be going in next Saturday to have a check-up and get her stitches remove.  





We're getting ready to head over to Dog-A-Thon this morning.  I'm finishing up the tee-shirts I'm making, digging out the last year's signs from the basement,  and getting Wylla's bag packed.   We're excited for the event,  and look forward to representing the cats on this dog-filled day!  

If you live near by and can join us, please do!  We're gathering at the Humane Society van (the one with Charlene's giant image on the side) at 10:00.   More info on the event HERE.

I know those who can't walk with us will  be joining us in spirit as we walk our victory lap.  We will feel your presence, I am sure!

There's still more come today! I've got a couple more alumni updates left to post.  Starting Monday, I'll share our awesome total, announce the prize winners, and share photos from the walk.  

Thanks again for everything!    We love you!!!


  1. Such a pretty little thing! You'll be fine, dear Evie. We're all pulling for you.

    (Am glad to hear her eye closes when she's asleep. It CAN close. Hoping that's a good sign.)

  2. She is a lovely little lady, so glad she has bounced into the fray.
    Maybe I will see you at the DAT!

  3. Yay, sweet Evie! <3

  4. Good to see sweet little Evie is progressing nicely.

    Have fun - will be thinking of you all here in the Midwest - we love you too!!

  5. Sweet Evie, you look mahvelous! And I don't think I've ever seen my cats blink. I am now going to have a staring contest with them. Be back soon.....

  6. Hi, cutie! LG is winking right back at you. ;-)

  7. Yay Evie! And it IS amazing how quickly cats rebound from surgery.. I don't know too many women who would be running around the living room after having a hysterectomy and with stitches in their belly.

    And LOOK at that total today!! Wooooot!

    1. She didn't get spayed, she had the bump removed from the side of her face. But yes, they do snap back fast from that too!

  8. Thanks for the update on Sweet Evie, and have a fantastic day at the Dog-A-Thon!

  9. Many thanks for the update -- and aren't Evie's paws getting huge!

  10. Good sign that her eye closes when she sleeps. Hope the biopsy results are good.

  11. Yay, Evie! You look marvelous, darling!



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