Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jimmy Tipton!

Our dear friends John and Monika adopted Jimmy Tiption, so we've had many opportunities to see the boy since he left our nest.  He was such an adorable kitten, and he grew to become a very handsome young man.  He's absolutely adored by his parents.

Here's what his mom had to say:

Here's a shot of Jimmy, way back when, and another, taken yesterday. 

We knew he was special when he came to us, but had no idea of his talents He may not be the most athletic cat, but he's proved to be quite the hunter. No basement mouse, moth or fly escapes his quick responses. Jimmy's still skittish about people, but dedicated to his friendships with siblings Little Howard and a reluctant Junior. Jimmy's no lap cat, but instead prefers to burrow. Then, he sleeps next to us and periodically, he actually squeezes our arms between his paws and forelegs. I've never met a cat that gave hugs, until now! We absolutely love this 17 lb. tall guy with a fat bottom!

Thanks for the great update and lovely photos, Monika!  Please give our love to Jimmy and his brothers!


  1. He IS a handsome lad - well loved by the look of him!

  2. Jimmy has so much personality! I'm glad to see he is still so busy and has such a love for his family. He is a most handsome guy.

  3. Jimmy T is quite handsome and I love how the 'today' pose mirrors his kitten pose. You can see how he has grown into his whiskers.
    Kitty hugs are the best, aren't they?

  4. Jimmy Tipton was one of my favorites! Love those tabbies!!

  5. His eyes turned green! What a handsome young man he is.

  6. Jimmy Tipton, the squirrel-watching, gourd-toting cat! I love him and his family.

  7. Oh, and forgot to thank you for the special bonus apres-FUNdraiser Sunday post! How nice!

  8. Oh Jimmy, you’re such a handsome lad! I just love these alumni updates, and hearing about your happy life makes my day.



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