Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here's One We've Helped!

Cupid was an especially affectionate, playful, charming little kitten who came to the Humane Society with a severe heart murmur. It was so bad, you could feel it through his chest wall. Kittens with this condition rarely live long, and with such a serious issue, they are difficult to adopt out.

Cupid did have one, slim, hope. Occasionally, these murmurs can heal with time, and the only way to know if this was a possibility for Cupid, was to have a Echocardiogram performed by a specialist. Fortunately, because of the special needs fund, the shelter was able to give him that test and some hope!

 A volunteer drove Cupid to his appointment, and came back with good news. he would most likely out grow his heart defect! Cupid is now a healthy, six month old cat enjoying life in a loving home.

But wait! There's more! Cupid's story doesn't end there!

His owner started fostering feral kittens for our shelter, and she says Cupid has a special touch with them. One little kitten in particular follows him everywhere and imitates his every move. Because of Cupid , the little kittens are quickly learning to trust humans. So, these funds we raise today give kittens like Cupid a chance to get adopted, grow up, and live a long, full life.

And some, like Cupid, and our Wylla, too, get to pay it forward to the next generation of kittens in need!

If you're in a position to add to our Special Needs fund and help cats like Cupid out, please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page today!

Thank you to all who have donated and help make a difference in the lives of shelter cats and kittens!

Here's mentor Cupid and his mentees.



  1. What a heartwarming story :) Donated!

  2. God Bless little Cupid, what a sweet story and pics of his little tabby charges :)

  3. Way to go Cupid, not only are you a fighter but your special touch with the feral kittens will mean they can have loving forever homes.

    I hope you raise lots of money for the special needs fund. One of my current fosters is a CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) kitten.

  4. Oh stop with the AMAZING stories! Good grief, that is just so awesome!

  5. *happy tears*

  6. What a lovely story. Cupid, we are all glad you are here <3.

  7. Awww isn't he just the handsome guy?!

    Well done Cupid for looking after the little kittens too - They will love you for it!

  8. That first photo is so cute.

  9. And how well named is he!

  10. My Tommie was like Cupid; bad heart, and living at the local shelter was very stressful for him. So I fostered him and he exceeded everyones expectations by growing, putting on weight, and being a most affectionate companion. His life was shorter than many but every day with me was a BONUS! and he knew it!

  11. This story and all of the wonderful comments mean the world to me :) I started fostering Cupid as a more than likely hospice care. When I found out he was going to be ok, it was bittersweet - it meant I had to let him be adopted by someone else! I have fostered many animals, and he's the only one I couldn't let go of. Little Jesse (the tabby in the photos) got adopted yesterday, and they're thinking about adopting his brother as well! Thank you everyone for donating to the special needs fund, and keeping Cupid alive :)



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