Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Special Day

Good morning, friends.  I'm wondering if I may have your attention for a wee bit.

Today is a very important day for me. Why? Because all of the money we raise in the next 24 will help the "special needs" cats and kittens.

It's very important to me because I was one of those kittens.

Yes, it's me, Wylla Stout. 


When I was tiny, all appeared to be fine at first, but then as I transitioned to solid foods, I had a very hard time getting any food to stay in my belly. I would eat and eat, but then everything came right back up, and this made me quite ill.  

After many visits to our shelter vet,  many overnight stays in Vet Treatment, tests,  medicines and X-rays, I was diagnosed with Megaesophagus,  a condition rarely seen in cats.   And once diagnosed, there were trips to specialists, more tests, and more medicine.  Eventually, we got things sorted out, my condition became more manageable,  and I was "adoptable".   You all know what happened then. 

It took an awful lot to get me to this place, and I know it wasn't cheap.  Thankfully, there were funds available to help get me healthy, and many people who wanted to see that happen.  

The money we raise today will go to the fund for special needs cats and kittens.   This fund gives our vet staff resources to do more, to run those extra tests and X-rays, consult with specialists, and go that extra mile for those shelter cats and kittens who need more.  It will help these cats and kittens get healthy and adoptable,  just like they did for me.

I hope you'll consider giving a wee bit on this special day.  

Thank you for listening.

Much love, Wylla

We'll be raising money for this fund for a full 24 hours, so all that comes in until 7:00 AM tomorrow (pacific time)  will go towards "Special Needs Day".

To help this fund grow, we've got a huge $3000 matching donation challenge being offered by our awesome anonymous donor.   So, for every dollar we donate, she we double that until we reach the $3000 cap!   The matching donation challenge runs until 7:00 PM tonight.  

Thank you, once again, to our awesome anonymous donor.  And thank you to everyone who contributes today to the special fund.   

To help us meet this awesome match, click HERE


  1. I will send some money for your Special Needs Kittens, Wylla!

  2. I always love that pic of wee Wylla! I've been waiting for this special day to come around - so glad I was able to contribute! Thank you to the Anonymous matching donor!

  3. Today's the day, then - Evangeline and Lilliane have spoken! Soon as my errands are done I'm to speed home and take care of their contribution. Oh yes, my darling Noble Overladies.

  4. Wylla, this is my favorite photo of you.....

    I made a donation and I just indicated that in the 'notes to vendor' on the Humane Society invoice that it was for the ITKC for special needs kitties.

  5. i love special needs kitties so much <3



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