Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Special One


Sweet Evie is one of those special ones, too.  In fact, this evening she'll be paying a visit to a vet outside the shelter so she can her "bump" checked out.  Nothing's really changed beside the size of it, it seems to be growing at the same rate as the rest of her, but we just wanted to have it looked and get a second opinion to be sure.

They money we're raising today will cover the costs of her visit.   So thank you for helping this wee kitten, and lessening the burden of the cost of her care for our shelter.

We're still working on the match, and have about $1300 to go.  I'm hoping we'll wrap it up soon, so I won't have to be pestering you for donations while we're sitting in the vet's waiting room this eve.   SO, if you were planning on helping us meet that match and contribute to the Special Needs Fund, sooner rather than later would be awesome, and much appreciated.  Thank you!

To help these special kittens out, please visit our FUNdraising page.

Thank you!


  1. She's a little unicorn. It does look like the bump is pushing on her eye a bit in some of the her pictures.

  2. I hope your little fascinator is just a little bump in the road for a long and happy life, little Evie. You are too cute. And somewhat fancier than the rest.



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