Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Five Dollars a Paw! Ten Dollars a Tail!


Please take a quick inventory. How many paws are in your house? How about a donation of $5 per paw to help the homeless cats and kittens out?

Or count the number of tails, and donate $10 for every one you see.  

Every bit help, friends!


  1. Love those sweet skinny little kitty legs!!!! Keep up the good work Laurie, you and the kitties are bringing in the bucks!

  2. This post is missing a Hazel Swift label!

  3. Done, counting eight paws and two legs. The Itty Bitty Kitties make my day, any day and every day. Weekends I may have to reread a post if it's not Dog-A-Thon but hey, I can reread these posts and enjoy the photos innumerable times.



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