Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You Can Have Your Very Own Wylla!

Craig was kind enough to donate an awesome original watercolor painting for this year's fundraiser!    It's an adorable portrait of Wylla, and as you can see, he's done a great job of capturing our girl.

1073992_10151607007808229_504875402_o_A (1)

He really nailed her wide-eyed expression and wild and wavy kitten coat, didn't he?

It just went live on Ebay, and the auction runs for just one day.   It will end at 10:45 AM Pacific Time tomorrow.  To place your bid, or just follow along, click HERE.

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful painting for us, Craig.  It will be sad to see it go, but I'll take comfort in knowing the money we raise from the sale of this piece will help many homeless cats and kittens!


  1. It's absolutely stunning! Craig, you're immensely talented.

  2. That's amazing and really captures that darling face!

  3. Purrfect! (Sorry I couldn't help myself)

  4. "Please note, you are bidding on the painting, not the actual kitten. She's ours."

    ROFL :D

  5. He's so good! It really does capture her "only Wylla" expression!

  6. Wow - Craig is so talented! This portrait is wonderful - just like Wylla! I hope he creates one for your home as well.

  7. Wow that's wonderful! And while it will be said to see that painting go Laurie, at least you get to keep the original, so to speak :)

  8. Wonderful! Does Craig have a blog? or an Etsy account? or anything like that? would love to see more of his work...

  9. So sweet!! <3 <3

    ps. I like his/your ebay name. :)

  10. You are a very talented family! Amazing Craig!!

  11. Holy moly Craig is -so- talented!!! What a generous contribution to the cause!!! Thanks a squillion Craig!!!!! :)

  12. Wow! What a beautiful painting of Wylla :) Craig is truly talented and captured her perfectly. Next - a Bean portrait?

    1. He did a couple of Bean studies for a previous Dog-a-Thon. They were lovely and loving, just like Wylla's is.

  13. I was lucky enough to win one of the ebay auctions for Craig's watercolor of Charlene. He really IS an amazing artist, the watercolor is beautiful.

    Here is a link that shows the two he did 2 years ago.

    Mary Louise



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