Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Here's Who You're Helping

I was at the shelter yesterday and bumped into our pal Sue, who had sprung this tiny tortie from Vet Treatment, and was giving her a bath and blow-dry.   A long stretch with a case of diarrhea left this kitten a wee bit crusty.


This one of the many kittens in the shelter's care that is benefiting from your generous donations.

I know I'm pushing for us to meet our huge goal this week, and this kitten is why - I see the staff working hard to get these babies healthy and adoptable, and our donations provide them with the  resources  to do just that.

All donations, big or small, make a difference.  Maybe your donation bought her lunch, or maybe it will pay for her spay surgery.    Any amount is a contribution towards a bright future for a shelter cat.

Thank you for giving so much.  You're making a difference in the life of this kitten, and countless others too.   Pat yourselves on the back, please.   You are awesome.


  1. She'll have a wonderful life, I'm sure! The good people at the Humane Society will hep her get there :)

  2. What a precious tiny tortie! I hope you have a happy life, little one -- you're certainly with the right people to make sure you do!

  3. Love this little baby tortie! I'll be making another donation tomorrow (payday) in honor of Sue and all shelter staff and volunteers who pour their hearts and souls into caring for the little ones!



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