Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Even Sweeter!

Oh friends, it's all chirping crickets 'round here. We've got this awesome $2000 match on the table, and four and a half hours in, we've met just $220 of it. We've got five and half hours left until it's over, and we're getting nervous! You know we hate leaving even a single penny of it on the table.

To sweeten the pot, our Awesome Anonymous Donor had offered us another $1000 if, and only if, we complete the $2000 match.

 If we fall short of the $2000 she'll still be doubling our dollars, but if meet the $2000 match, we get that big bonus!   How awesome and generous!!!!

I want to reach out to those folks out there who are in a position to give, have been thinking about making a donation, but just haven't done so yet. We've got three days of fundraising left, so we're hoping you'll step forward now and put a little in the kitty for the kitties.  

Wylla said she's not going to blink until we meet the match, so please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page to make that tax-deductible donation soon!  Thank you, friends!   And thank you, Anonymous.



  1. Ya got me. $10 through the paypal link (simply because I don't have to go find my credit card)

    Go Kitties!

  2. Wow, that is a truly beautiful photo of Wylla, Laurie!

  3. As much as I love Wylla's trademark perfectly-round-eyeballs expression, the poor girl deserves to blink. I'll chip in!

    1. Agreed! Poor wee Wylla! Come on people - let's help her out!!

  4. It figures, doesn't it, that I've been waiting for this pay period to donate... and then I got laid off? The kitties told me they could go without treats this week, however, so they've donated their allowance. We wish it could be more, but every penny counts, right?! Thank you, anon, for making it count TWICE! :)

  5. Just made a donation through PayPal,I know it does not show up on your totals page, hopefully it goes toward your matching challenge today. Who can resist those Wylla eyes!

  6. Thank you Anonymous for helping to make sure Wylla blinks again! My third donation from Lily & Boo, wish it could be more.

  7. I had to donate again -- I hate to see a match go unmet! Let's get that extra squillion!

  8. What a great pose! Just love the collar. She is a good little kittie!

  9. Does it make me a bad person that I kinda like Wylla unblinky?



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