Thursday, July 11, 2013

So Much to Report!!

I've got lots to share with you this morning!

FIRST, I'm happy to announce the 2013 IBKC posters are officially for sale now! You can visit the IBKC shop to reserve yours now!    As I mentioned before, they will be shipped once our fundraiser ends, starting July 22nd.  We do ship internationally.  Once again, a huge thanks to my good buddy, Jay Bryant, who designed them this year.  I love them, and  I can hardly wait to get one framed and on my wall!  To get yours, just pop on over to our shop!

We still have some of our 2012 designs left, and I've reduced the price from $40 to $30.  If you order both, I'll refund your shipping costs for the second poster.

I  re-stocked sparkle balls and magnets in the shop!  FInally, I know!  AND there are three new magnet designs for sale too!  


There's a large magnet featuring Eddie Lamm, a set of all Siamese kitties and a set of kittens with very expressive faces that feature Geradine Dearborn and others. You can view all the magnet sets HERE.

Until 9:00 this morning (Pacific Time) all of our donations that come in are still going towards the spay and neuter programs at the HS.  We met our match with about twenty minutes to spare last night -whew!  Thanks to all who help us meet the match and HUGE thanks to our Awesome Anonymous Donor who provided the matching funds.

I know I've been pushing pretty hard this week, but we're down to just nine days of FUNdraising now, and we've got MANY squillions left to wrangle in!   I've got lots of matching donation challenges scheduled, and if we're able to meet all of them, we should be able to hit our goal!

I appreciate you sticking around and listening to our many pleas. Even though I try hard to keep things entertaining, I can imagine it grows tiring at times.

The Tea with Bean (and Wylla) auction is running now and climbing fast!  I have a feeling we might be breaking a record this year!  If you would like to get in on the action, or just follow along, check it out HERE!

And last of all, you may have noticed a little badge up in the right hand corner of the blog. We are a Petties nominee in the "Best Cat Blog" category.  The prize is a $1000 donation to a shelter or rescue of our choice, which of course we would love to win for our Humane Society! You can vote once a day if you feel so inclined.   I'm sure one of you fine folks must have nominated us - thank you for that!

I've got lots more to share today....  a matching donation challenge,  a little Wylla,  an alumni update  and more!

So please, stay tuned!


  1. My cat Ruby is not impressed by most cat toys, but she adores Charlene's sparkle balls!

  2. Yay! Our Luna loves Ms. Beans sparkle balls!

  3. Yay! Our Luna loves Ms. Beans sparkle balls!

  4. Poster purchased!

  5. Does the "Tea with Bean" and poster sales count towards the 100 squillion? 356222222222

    Ah, that was a contribution from my new marmalade kitty, Ezekiel.

    1. We always try to hit our goal with online donations, and the rest is the icing on the cake.

  6. Just bought one of the posters because I love it so much! (I've actually been secretly waiting with baited breath since you announced it!)

  7. Just bought a poster, and added a pack of sparkle balls!

  8. Oh, goodness, I didn't realize you could vote once a day for the Petties. Going to go cast another vote and do it every day. But first, I'm going to go get this years poster ordered. It's just too cute to pass up.

  9. Charlene! Tell your mama to make a big Wylla magnet so you have some company on our fridge! :)



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