Thursday, July 11, 2013

Orange Cat Match!

As I mentioned earlier today, we're nearing the end of our FUNdraiser, and we're pushing hard to reach that huge goal of ours!    I've got lots of  matching donation challenges lined up for many of our remaining days, to help get us there.

Today's match has been offered up by Laura and Roger, two very generous folks who have been huge supporters of our shelter for many years.   If you stacked every can of cat food they've donated to the HS, I bet you could reach the moon.   If you stacked every cat the've loved,  I bet you would get just as far.

They are kitty lovers through-and-through,  and very giving souls.   They're celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary today, too!  Happy Anniversary, Laura and Roger!

They love cats of any coloring, but the orange ones have always had a special place in Roger's heart.

SO today's awesome $1000 matching donation challenge is in praise of the orange ones - those wonderful, mischievous, loyal orange loves of our lives.

Roger and Laura will match each donation, dollar-for-dollar, until we reach the $1000 cap.  The challenge starts now, and ends at 8:00 PM tonight (Pacific Time)

To honor an orangey in your life, and help the shelter cats and kittens out,  please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you Laura and Roger!  And thanks in advance  to all who help us meet this match!

Here's a little compilation of some orange kitties we've all loved.  Can you identify them?









Lovejoy Boys in the Window



 And here's an orange one all grown up! Can you guess who this is? I'll let you know who it is, when we meet the orange cat match!



  1. I think the grownup cat has markings that look like the first kitten picture. And I think that's Kirby Medley. So I'll say this is Kirby Medley.

    I anticipate being wrong.

  2. Well it is not Francine...might be a Draper...probably Kirby.

  3. #3 looks like Rhoda Darling.
    #5 looks like the Gibson brothers. (Oh, Shermie!)
    #9 is definitely the Lovejoy brothers.

    Are #11 and #12 Ralphie Loudermilk?

  4. I can't guess at the pretty kitties, but just had to donate once again as we are so fortunate to have a wonderful orange boy living with us. He was a foster cat and is not only a darling but a terrific big brother to his black & white brother who was a foster cat too.

  5. I am sure #6 is Georgie Bartlett with that little nose rubbed off. His sweet face is what made me start thinking of looking for an orangey-boy to bring home for myself. While that didn't quite happen, I did eventually find the sweetest orangey-boy for my parents to adopt and Huey is the epitome of personality and a very chatty guy!
    I'm so hoping the grown boy is Georgie, but his eye colour seems a bit different. Can't wait to find out who he is!

  6. I'm going to guess the grown-up boy is Graham Loudermilk, just because I've been hoping to hear from him sometime during this FUNdraiser :)

  7. Is this the Roger of the "Roger with tiny adorable kittens crawling all over him and falling asleep" picture? I love that picture and he definitely looks like a kitty lover.

  8. These are some of the most beautiful orange kitties I have ever seen! I have soft spot for the marmalade/creamsicle kids as I affectionally refer to them, and the cover of my own blog graces the picture of a very special one.

  9. Lisa (mom of Chai)July 11, 2013 at 11:10 AM

    Oh the still my heart!

    1. Kirby Medley
    2. Rutherford and sweet Sherman Gibson
    4. Kenneth and Buster Wiggins
    5. Charles, Rutherford, and Shermie again! :D
    6. Georgie Bartlett
    12. Lambert O. Lively (I think)

    I'm just not familier enough with the rest of them...hmmm...that should change immediately.

  10. The three in the window I'll guess are Lovejoy boys? some order or another? us, Tressa, please?

    I *know* I should know #4! The sweetie with the smudgies around his nose! But I just can't pull a name out of my head! THIS IS EMBARRASSING.

    (And watch me be wrong about the Lovejoys. Then I shall hide under the sofa with all the dust bunnies my cat spends time with under there.)

  11. A trip down memory lane is never amiss!

  12. The only ones I know for sure are the Lovejoys. I'm going to guess the adult is Irving Lively.

  13. I have already overspent my donation budget and you put in an orange kitty match? Maybe if I don't eat next week I could squeeze out one more....

  14. do you have in your stock note cards with drewey (embrace your inner crank) photo? i think that's a lovely design for a note card. i'd love to buy a set.

  15. Hi Laurie - love the oranges and especially loved seeing Maddie Bouvier!
    I wanted to make you aware of this, as the IBKC readers are an influential and passionate group.

    Would you mind going over to Catonsville Cats and reading the review I posted today of the new kitten care ebook by the dailykitten people? I was horrified when I read the contents of the Amazon preview, and I wrote a review there and also put it on my blog. The rescue community needs to be sure to put the word out about this book. It's shocking. Did you know kittens from breeders are more likely to be healthy and friendly? Sigh. I hope to see more people expressing unhappiness about this book. Thanks...

  16. A marvelous mob of marmies!! Will love to find out who that handsome charmer is in the last pic! Just made a donation in honor of my sweet creamsicle fluffball Cody, my beloved rescue kitty who brings joy into my life every day!

  17. Awww, wish I could donate again but money is still a bit tight. Hoping that it might loosen up before the fundraiser ends but for now a virtual tip of the cap to the lovely orange kit-kats pictured here and to the others I have known and loved (Tigger, Woodstock, Boonie, OJ, and Shep - hope I didn't leave anyone out).

  18. Ooh, ooh, i know the second-to-last photo! that's Rhoda Darling, my favorite itty-bitty-kitty!! :)

  19. Oh OrangeBeejeezus they are SO CUTE!

  20. #4 Kenneth Wiggins

    Thank you, Lisa (Mom of Chai).

    That is EXTRA embarrassing because we JUST HEARD from darling Kenneth.

    Kenneth, I am very very sorry. How can I not have a better memory for precious kitty faces?

    (Next time I might resort to cheating, ha ha.)

    1. Lisa (mom of Chai)July 12, 2013 at 4:20 PM

      Not cheating...studying! ;-) You need to study more precious kitty faces.

      But even after studying I could only come up with a couple more...this was a tricky bunch of delicious orangy goodness. :-)



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