Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miss Maddie Bouvier

Maddie Bouvier moved far away from us, but we've stayed in close contact with her over the years.  Alicia, her mama, is always sharing lots of great Maddie photos and stories with us, so we've been able to watch our little girl grow up.

 Here's itty bitty Maddie, just a few weeks old.


Here's Maddie today!

 Here's Alicia's latest report.

Maddie, who's 5, continues to be the best kitty ever. She's exactly like she was as a kitten in habits and personality--super cuddly, playful, impatient, and talkative. The only difference is now she's fully grown. Saying that Maddie and I are two peas in a pod doesn't really do our relationship justice. We're always together and we're most happy when she's riding around on my shoulder, in my lap, or under the covers. Longtime IBKC readers may remember that Tony and I started with one tortie, Sophie. After adding Maddie to the family we also adopted Cassie, a dog, and Gnocchi, our third tortie. Maddie is the closest friend to all of them, pretending to be a dog with Cassie, teaching Gnocchi how to hunt and accepting Butterbean-style baths from Sophie. She's a constant source of joy and we know how lucky we are to have her in our family and to be an extended member of the IBKC family.

Thank you so much for the update and all the photos, Alicia!  It's always great hearing what that goofy tortie girl is up to!


  1. I never forgot this little girl, and she's turned out just as cute as she ever was! I'm happy she's so loved.

  2. *beams* Torties are my absolute favorite kitties. Maddie, you are adorable. The crossed-paw pose appears in not one, but TWO pictures! Like a cuddly pretzel, you are!

  3. Maddie and her story is among the very best ever IBKC stories! So very glad that Alicia and Tony have made this beautiful family!

  4. It was Maddie's adoption story that hooked me on IBKC! So happy she is doing well in my hometown. Her sibs are adoreable! A lovely update, Alicia!

  5. If Zoubi would stop walking on my laptop, I could tell you how beautiful I think Maddie is! Oh wait....I love the picture with the sphinx paws!

  6. What a beauty she is! Love those torties!

  7. Such a pretty kitty, and I am also overjoyed to hear how happy her life is!

  8. I LOVE torties - oh so lucky to have three.

  9. Maddie is gorgeous! And I do love her update...and her cute baby pic...

  10. what a lovely little kitty she has become.

    emma and buster

  11. Maddie is my favorite all the ittybittykitties. Glad to see the update and hear she's doing well!

  12. Maddie was the first IBK I fell in love with. She was such an adorable kitten! I loved the update. It's great that she has such a loving family, both human and furry. I love it when awesome kitties get to be friends with other awesome kitties.

  13. Torties rule!

    We also have three torties. Great pictures of Maddie. More Maddie updates in the future please.

  14. We love Maddie Long Legs! I go back and re-read her posts over and over and cry every time!

    Patti in KY

    1. We still call her Maddie Long Legs all the time :)




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