Monday, July 8, 2013

Return of the Kittens of Mass Destruction

Oh, it's great being back on the IBKC set!


We had a wonderful time FUNdraising before, didn't we?


FUN?  I seem to recall SOMEONE getting into a whole lot of trouble. And it wasn't me. 
I think you lost your sparkle ball privileges for a week, didn't you?


Oh, I think you're right. Maybe we should actually answer the phones this time.


Yes, we should.  There are kitties out there that need our help. 


Please give us a shout!  We've got a huge matching donation challenge happening now and your donation dollars will be doubled!

 It's an excellent opportunity to make your donation go even further, and improve the lives of more shelter cats and kittens.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our FUNdraising page!  THANK YOU!


  1. In her defense, Betty just wanted a literal spot of tea.

  2. Oh how delightful to see these two beautiful girls again this year, and on a day that Cynthia is offering a match!

    The thought bubbles are hilarious! And yes, Camille, you are right to point out that you were not involved in the original shenanigans. (At least not provably.)

    Thank you, Riza and Mei's mom, for sharing your darlings so generously with us. Their contentment just shines out of them <3.

  3. Riza and Mei are SPECTACULAR lady cats!
    I am sure Charlene and Wylla appreciate the break from the phones.

    That is a LOT of responsibility for two cats, no matter how skilled!

  4. Gosh I loved the original post of the "kittens of mass destruction"!! You don't know how many times I use that line to describe my crew now. But unlike mine, I'm glad to see that these girls have mended their ways! ;)

  5. They're HUGE! They look like Godzilla stomping through NYC.. Hard to believe that they were teeny enough at one point to fit into the set.

  6. Oh, so much fun! Thank you, Laurie, for the great flash-back post. Buddy and Tiger

  7. And Mei has the most beautiful blue eyes! Blue is such a rare color in Humane Society cats. At least that's true here in Texas, and I suspect probably everywhere. Aren't blue eyes recessive? Seems almost every rescue cat has green or gold eyes.... they are both just beautiful, and it's GREAT to see them on the set!



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