Monday, July 8, 2013

Who's a Big Kitty?

We've got some exciting news today!  Wee Wylla weighs three pounds!!! She was hovering just below  for weeks and finally, FINALLY she's over the three-pound mark!  Of course, she's still half of what she should be for a kitten of her age,  but she is making progress, and that makes me happy!

Though she's behind physically, in the brains department,  she excels.  No "Pat the Bunny"  for this kitten - she's tackling big books now!







I hope you all enjoyed Alumni Week.  We sure did!   It was so great seeing all those sweet faces again.  They all looked so healthy, loved and well-adjsuted, didn't they?  The siblings that were adopted together looked so happy together still, and the kittens that moved into homes with pre-existing cats, all seemed to be getting along so well.  They make me proud!  

Thank you to all the families for providing all those wonderful pictures and stories.  I noticed MANY alumni making donations too - thank you for that as well!!

We still have a few more updates that we couldn't squeeze in last week - I'll be posting those over the next week or so.

We're past the half-way point in our FUNdraiser - geeze it's going fast!   These next 12 days we'll have to push hard - we've still got a long way to go to reach our goal!  Fortunately, we've got lots of matching donation challenges coming up to help make that happen - starting with a big one today!

Our friend Cynthia is back yet again and is offering up a $2500 challenge for us!!!  It will run until 9:00 PM (Pacific Time).

You know how this works - for every dollar we donate, she'll match it until we reach that $2500 cap.  SO, if we meet her fabulous match, our $2500 will turn into $5000!!

To get in on this wonderful match, and get your donation dollars doubled, please visit our FUNdraising page and make a tax-deductible donation to help the homeless cats and kittens out.

Thank you once again for giving these incredible matches, Cynthia.  And hank you for inspiring so many people to give.  Tthanks to all who have stepped forward to help us meet those matches, and thanks to all who have helped spread the word.

The kindness and generosity of this community is staggering.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again and again - I hope you know how special you are.

Please stay tuned, friends! There's lots more to come today!


  1. Right back at you Laurie, you are a HUGE part of what makes IBKC the best site on the Web! Congrats to Wee Wylla, no matter how big she gets in the future, that is how I think of her!

  2. Woohoo! Go Wylla! I just got an image of Pull-Ups commercials in my head, "I'm a big kid now!"

  3. YAY Wylla! Your big sister Bean must be so proud! <3

    (could she be any more cute???)

  4. Way to go Wylla! Before you know it you will be on weight management food! ;-)

  5. Hooray Wylla! We love your floofy self, but we don't want you to be ALL floof. Put some speck on your ribs!

  6. Hello Wylla so nice to see you, the news of weight gain is terrific.
    Laurie you have a A LOT to be proud off. Being new to your site, the Alumni week was fantastic, to see all the once cute kittens now beautiful fully grown cats was great, Thank you

  7. YAY Wylla! You are so adorable!

  8. Lynn, Alex, Zoubi, IndyJuly 8, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    Wylla! I think you should add ANOTHER name (don't worry, you can do that- I did it to my son at age 3 so he could lug around 4 names) to Wylla. I think Wylla Cynthia Stout Butterbean-Cinotto-Miller (in any particular order) would do!

  9. I LOVED alumni week. It was so fun to see the kittens grown and doing so well. And yay, Wylla! She is so cute.

  10. Who's a big girl? Who's a big girl? Wylla is. Yes, she is. Yes, she is. Oops, sorry. Guess I went into LG's mom mode there. Hooray for Wylla! Cutest. Kitteh. Ever. (Er, um, hi there, LG. I meant Cutest. Girl. Kitteh. Ever. Ahem. Who's a cute boy?)

    1. Ha! Sounds familiar LG's mum.
      My cries of delight usually go along the lines of, "whose the most adorable cat ever..."
      "in all of queensland or nsw" added hurriedly.
      Ridiculous...but also completely necessary.
      Ms Mel, Tdubz & Ollie

  11. Happy day for Wylla making it up to 3 pounds!! It has been a long road there! She is so adorable and such a good reader!!
    Alumni Week was wonderful, so great to see all the grown up Itty Bitties! They found themselves wonderful families!

  12. I love her eyes. So gorgeous! It's nice to see she's well on her way to developing a love of reading. I've been a voracious reader since I was a wee one and it's a great habit to have when you need to fill the time. Also good for developing a large vocabulary.

  13. YAY WYLLA! You "grow" girl! Glad to know you have discovered the pleasure of books. Beautiful girls can be smart too!

  14. Has anyone nominated Cynthia for any sort of kitty sainthood?

  15. I think that I met Wylla at the vintage trailer rally in Roslyn.. Just wanted to let you know that she has me thoroughly enchanted and I think about her with a smile on my face. What a sweet pea...So glad to have met you all and I am inspired by your organization.



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