Monday, July 8, 2013

An Anderson-Erickson Update!

Remember these two cuties?

Louise Anderson-Erickson


It's Louise and Ambrose (now Augustus) Anderson-Erickson!

And here they are, three years later!

They were adopted by our friends William and Iris, and whenever we see them the speak of their kitties with great fondness.  They adore this pair.

Here's what William had to say...

We often discuss how fortunate we are to have the cats in our lives and how fortunate that cats like Augustus and Louise are to have been fostered by you, Craig, and Charlene. We have fond memories of coming to your house pretty certain that we wanted Louise, but "Ambrose", now Augustus, was the one knew we didn't want because we were worried about having a long haired cat.

Ultimately it was up to the kittens. Louise took to Iris right away and seemed content sitting on her shoulder. Ambrose quickly found my lap and started chewing on my thumb. The decision was made.

Fast forward three years and those two are as close as ever and have maintained their special bonds with each of us. Once in awhile I have a Woody Allen moment and panic when I think how close we were to not adopting Augustus. I can't imagine our home without him.

Louise and Augustus picked their parents, and they picked well.  I think it's safe to say that they landed where they were meant to be!

Thanks sharing your pair with us today, William and Iris!

And on the fundraising front...
We've got four hours left in our matching donation challenge and we still have a long way to go - $1605 to be exact.  If you could help us get a couple of steps closer to meeting that match,  please visit our FUNdraising page and make a tax-deductible donation.


  1. These two beauties were part of the first litter I ever followed on IBKC! So thrilled to see this update :D

  2. Sweet A-E's, they are lovely and clearly well loved!

  3. They're gorgeous, especially Ambrose.

    I hate to pass up the chance to have my donation matched but since I have limited funds this year, I'm waiting for/hoping that you will have a day dedicated to the meals on wheels program.

  4. I'm loving all the alumni updates Laurie, I just had to donate (again) - I can totally relate to William's "Woody Allen" moment - two of our (3) kitties are brother and sister, orphaned in our backyard in 2007 at the age of 3 weeks or so. I don't even like to think of what would have happened had I not found them when I did....they bring such joy to our lives.

  5. OH I heart tuxes- especially long-haired ones!

  6. There's just something wonderfully heartwarming about these stories...I just love them! Thx for sharing.

  7. I love tuxes! Ambrose is so handsome!

  8. "Once in awhile I have a Woody Allen moment and panic when I think how close we were to not adopting Augustus."

    Cracked me up, haha!

  9. Another super alumni story; these two kitties are gorgeous and happy and healthy living with their chosen people. What a wonderful family!

  10. Oh, Augustus, you are just majestic!



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