Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Have Tea with Bean! And Wylla, too!


Once again, we're auctioning off the opportunity to join us for lunch at the IBKC HQ in Tacoma, WA!  The winning bidder and their guest will join us for a lovely vegetarian (or vegan if you prefer) lunch served with tea and desserts.  You'll get to meet Charlene, Wylla, and any foster kittens we're hosting on that day.  

Afterwards, we'll head over to the Humane Society for a behind-the-scenes tour including the cattery, foster room, Petunia Louise Community Cat Room and Charlene Butterbean Quarantine.  You'll also see the HS van with Charlene's picture on it and we'll drive by Wylla's billboard too, provided it's still on display. 

It's the fourth year we're offering up this auction item, and it's always a whole lot of fun.  If you care to take a look at teas of previous years, visit HERE.  

The auction runs 3 days and ends Saturday at noon (Pacific Time).  To get in on the auction action, please visit the listing



  1. I wish I could afford to win the tea and fly out to meet everyone! I want to experience the epic floof of Bean and Wylla myself.

  2. BOO- Why isn't Tacoma near SF!?!? but YAY for some lucky person! :}

  3. I sure wish I lived close to IBKC HQ!! I would love a visit in person with Wylla and Bean!!

  4. Good luck to the bidders. I too wish I wasn't so far away. How amazing to meet you and the kitties!

  5. This is such a spectacular idea! A lot of work for the IBKC, though. Bean and Wylla, you'll be helpful to your parents to get ready for this, now won't you?

  6. Next to Senior Day, Tea with the Bean (and now with Miss Wylla too) is my favorite!!! Eeeeeeee I'm excited!!!



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