Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kittens are Good Medicine

A few weeks back, this sweet note popped into my mailbox.

Hi Laurie,

I've been a longtime reader of your blog and I am so grateful for its presence in my life.

Today, after years of daily reading, I experienced it as actual proven medicine and couldn't resist telling you the story.

I went to the doctor this afternoon because at my last visit I was told (for the first time in my life) that my blood pressure was high. The nurse had taken it, and then about 15 minutes later, the doctor took it, and both times it was high. It had been my first visit seeing a new doctor, so I thought it might just be nerves. But it had me worried nevertheless. Today, I found myself nervous again, probably because I was worried about my blood pressure being high. The nurse took it and indeed it was high. Then she left me alone to wait for the doctor and I decided to calm myself by looking back at Wylla's photos on my iPhone (Charlene, Audrey, and Baxter Lamm were in there, too, of course).

Well, let me tell you: it worked! When my doctor arrived, she took my blood pressure and it was perfectly normal. She asked how I spent the time, because she was genuinely surprised at the dramatic change in the numbers. My answer, "looked at kitten pictures online," prompted a smile.

I'm not much of a commenter on the blog because I'm a pretty private person, but today I feel the need to say: Thank you, Laurie, for all that you do, for the kitties, for the community, and for me. The IBKC brings me so much joy every day. And it truly is good medicine. 

Thank you so much for sharing your sweet story, lovely anonymous person!   I've always suspected kittens have this effect on us, and now we have documented proof!  

Kittens ARE good medicine, and here's your daily dose!








Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.   I feel better now.  Thank you, Wylla.

Do kittens make you feel better too?  Please consider making a donation to our FUNdraiser to support the shelter that brings all of these fabulous kittens into our lives.


  1. Wasn't planning to donate again, but the blood pressure story hits home. Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing. p.s. Wylla adorable, as always!!! She is such a fabulous poster-girl! :-)

  2. Ah ah, my father's heart doctor would agree with you and this statement: he is recommending to my father to take a cat to calm his heart. He says cats are fantastic for that.
    My parents still don't own a cat, but I know he loves having his grand-cats for holidays because they do him so much good.
    Thank you cats and kittens, you're little angels

  3. When we sit down on a chair/lay down in bed, and one of the cats curl up on us, we call it being "Sleep Ninja'd." Their calm and warmth just relaxes you until you fall asleep with them. Darn ninja kitties, being good for our health!

  4. So totally true. I don't feel guilty about my daily doses of IBKC at work because they help me survive my busy stressful job! I even will click on the "you might also like" links when I'm having a really bad day.

  5. I come from a family that struggles with anxiety regularly - almost all of us do. Its genetic, I suppose. Luckily we are also crazy cat people! Pictures of my sis-furs (my parents cats), visiting them, and blogs like yours are always a calming and my go-to when things get a little tense! Thank you Wylla, Bean and all of your friends for the smiles and daily reminders to take life at at cat's pace. and take lots of naps!
    (I dont have a cat yet, but my doctors keep telling my husband that I need a cat! so it's only a matter of time I hope!).

  6. my cats make everything better

  7. She is just so adorable, I want to hug her! Kitties really are good medicine - what a sweet note!!

  8. The health benefits of pets have been known for years, with science catching on in the recent past. I have no idea what state I'd be in without my cats, but I know I'd be worse off. I can feel myself calming down just thinking about hugging them.

  9. Ah yes, health kittehs! My two help me everday. I love these photos of that big old ball of fluff which is Bruiser Wylla!

    3 pounds! W00t!!

  10. Aww! Who knew that all it takes to lower blood pressure is a little Vitamin W! And here they said that you had to pet the kitty for health benefits, lol! Just think, this opens up a whole new avenue to health for those who are allergic or unable to have live kitties in their homes!

  11. Adorable Wylla and her stretchy paws... blood pressure decreased instantaneously

  12. Take two kittens and call me in the morning. Works for me.

  13. There's even been a stufy on effect of cute pics!


    Alas, my manager wouldn't agree to include this as a positive in my performance agreement.

  14. I loved anonymous' wonderful note. With the Wylla supplement, the beneficial effects are magnified exponentially.

    Especially the outstretched paws in picture 5 looks like she is reaching out to give me a Wee Wylla hug!

  15. I have what they call white coat syndrome, which means my blood pressure increases because of having to go to the doctor. One visit, after I had told the nurse to expect it to be high, she started talking to me about cats since at the time I worked in a cat shelter. Next thing I knew, she was removing the cuff and telling me my BP was normal. After that, I just think of kitties when I'm having it done. Works like a charm!

  16. I want to snuggle with Wylla!

  17. Squeeee! It's Wylla toes!



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