Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Fun!

The Gibsons were due for a round of vaccines and some blood-draws, so we paid a visit to the Foster Room for our appointment with Allea and Carrie.

Of course, needles are never any fun, but the kittens did quite well.  They were quiet and calm during their turns.




In the Foster Room, there was a very lovely family of little organies - a total of five, and ALL were little girls.   The were certainly adorable, and all looked exactly alike.    I examined them carefully, but none seemed to have any distinguishing marks whatsoever.    It would be kind of fun to foster such a set, but it would be a challenge telling them all apart.  


Every time I visit the shelter, everyone talks about how amazing you all are.  So if your ears were burning yesterday around 2:30, that's why.  

On the fundraising front, we're getting there!!!  I'm hoping that by this time tomorrow,  we'll be claiming victory and doing a happy dance.  

If we meet our $1000 matching donation challenge that's on the table right now, that will really help matters!    We've got 3 hours left, and $615 left to raise.  Any amount you can give to help us get a step closer, will certainly be appreciated!    Even if it's just a dollar or two.  Every single bit helps.  

OH, and don't forget to vote for your favorite limericks!



  1. Five orange girl cats! And people say orange girls are rare...uncommon yes.

  2. You'd have to paint their toenails!

  3. Poor babies. They look so pitiful.
    I bet they were bouncing around withing 5 minutes of getting home. :)

  4. Five identical orange girls? You should bring them home and call them the Dionne family! :)

  5. Oh yes, the Dionnes!!!! I love orange girls!

  6. I will second the Dionne idea, that would be very cool. Then they could be related to me, I have Quebec Dionnes in my family tree!

  7. I've always been fascinated by the Dionne's story, I think that would be totally fitting! And the rareness of the orange girls - it all fits. I'm not sure how you can pass that up - and you'd have names all the way around, too. I LOVE Laura's idea!

  8. Has anyone looked at the total for the FUNraiser?? Amazing!! What excitement! We're so close!! I'm going to go check the sofa cushions to see if there is any more money I can rustle up . . .

  9. goiod job kittens

    we had a litter of 6 (and mom) that were all brown tabbies - no chance at telling them apart. when they were big enough to run around, everyone got a spiffy paper collar from the shelter....different color per kitten. :)

  10. I have to say, Charles looks rather skeptical about the "vet" situation in the second picture! :D



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